Monday, September 01, 2014

Greek Gods Genetics

The gods were inbred to the point of being cognitively subnormal and psychotic. The Greeks knew that they were ruled by a bunch of drunken crazy gods, and now we know why.

She likes cake

Scene from J's home.

Uninsured Deposits in the Daesong Bank

The North Korean Daeson Bank's Chief Yan Ta Jong has escaped to Russia with millions belonging the dictator Kim (pic). The Bank is owned by the North Korean Government's Office # 39 and manages its "Black Monies" linked to illegal operations. In Argentina he would be applauded: "Ladron que roba Ladron, Cien Anos de Perdon" (The sentence for who steals from a thief, one hundred years of aquittal).

Sunday, August 31, 2014

American Lawyers

Paul Singer is tightening the garrote around Cristina Kirchner, Presidenta of Argentina. Now his lawyers are investigating if her daughter Florencia received monies from the Argentine State that instead should have been used to pay Argentina's foreign debt. Florencia Kirchner studied in the New York Film Academy - she didnt live in the dorm but occupied the 15th. floor luxury apartment at 580 Park Avenue. American lawyers know what they are doing: Cristina lately looks haunted (may be because Flor's recent abortion) and is accusing her most loyal supporters - the unions - of working for Singer and his vultures. This is more exciting than a detective novel.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Israeli Meeting of Red Heads in Kibbutz Gezer (Kibbutz Carrot)

First Israeli Meeting of Red Heads in Kibbutz Gezer (Kibbutz Carrot). You had to win three carrots (points) to qualify. Everbody received carrots and there were other prizes too.

"Gezer" means carrot in current Hebrew, but the kibbutz is named for the Biblical kingdom of Gezer on the same area. In Gezer it was found the first Hebrew agricultural calendar. 

Russia Resurgent

Putin has given back Russians the national purpose that drove them from Artic settlements to the Sea of Japan. Today, Russians feel menaced by the expansion of NATO and German tanks taking up positions facing their heartland's border.  Russians fear “fascism” in Ukraine. In this story line, the Europe-oriented figures who dominate Ukraine are front men for an expansionist Germany. Yet Western Ukraine simply wants to be like Poland, part of Europe and prosperous.

A few years ago Georgia asked to become member of NATO. It was immediately attacked. Now it is the same story with Ukraine. Yet I'm unable to condemn Russia. They invented vodka and have big hearts.

Jewish Arabia

Lebanese Prof. Kamal Salibi discovered numerous Jewish villages in Southern Arabia and Yemen, to the point that he maintained that the Biblical Eretz Israel was not where we think but in the Najran province of what is now Saudi Arabia. The Quran decribes the country as abrim with Jewish tribes, once allied and then enemies of the Prophet. The Saudi State ruled by the puritan sect of the Wahhabis systematically bulldoze and delete all traces of Jewish remains. Not because they hate the Jews, which they do, but because they fear idolatry, that tombs and monuments may become objects of cult and pilgrimage. The Old City of Mecca is being razed and rebuilt: recently, the house where the Prophet had lived was eliminated.

Escorts Scandal in Rotherham

The central issue in the right wing blogs is the Rotherham, North England, child prostitution  scandal. 1400 girls were prostituted by a gang of "Pakistani heritage" pimps at full sight of the police and the social services.  Imagine, "the head of the country's leading child welfare charitable agency is a Pakistani, who naturally is trying to downplay the situation, since so many of his race are involved." Fortunately, no Jews are involved.

It worked as this: the pimps sent taxis to pick up the girls from State-run foster homes, sending them back later. The girls were given alcohol and drugs and beaten, the pimps always do that. Because or not for that, the girls usually fall in love with their pimps.

1400 in seven years seems a large number. Rotherham has a population of 250,000 and one year's cohort is about 10,000 girls. In seven years, it is about 8% of Rotherham's girls were involved with prostitution, most or all of them from the weakest, less protected layer of the society: inmates in State homes, fatherless, disfunctional "families". According to statistics, in some societies up to 100 from 10,000 are "working girls", that is 1% of the population (about 2500 girls in Rotherham). That means that about 6% of the females from 15 to 30 are "working" any given time. The percentage may vary according to the country (for some reason prostitution is more intensive in Hungary, Mongolia, Korea, but Switzerland and Germany are also well served).  The police knows it and the social services know it.

Rotherham's 8% is high but not sensationally so. If anything, it is an index of social decay, dissolution of the family framework, unemployment, drug use and alcoholism - all social diseases rampant in Northern England. The fact that the pimping ring was made up by foreign minorities is typical, since everywhere pimping is a semi-criminal activity "manned" by marginal, foreign groups. They could have been Chinese, Russian, Romanian, American African instead of Pakistani Muslims. (Middle class people cannot swallow Nordic girls falling for schwartze misfits and always presume duress and coercion). Having said that, it is obvious that Europe is not assimilating its Muslims, and should "turn the tables of the Law" (like Romans in emergencies) and get rid of them. It will hurt exquisite European sensibilities, but there is no gain without pain. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Argentina Then and Now

Tourists get for 1 US$ (Foreign Credit Card) = 11,367 pesos
On Florida Street (Black Market) = 14,000 pesos
In the Bank (Dolar Oficial) =  8,420 pesos
If you export Soya, you get =  Dólar Soja $5,473

I had some very good times in Argentina. But now it is so far away...

Reflecting on the Caliphate

Criminals  or a  legitime political movement? The Caliphate is acting in a very strange way. It is mass killing enemy soldiers that have surrendered, but that has been done in other wars too. It is kidnapping minority women, raping them and distributing them among its  supporters. Yes, but of course one cannot separate war from rape. They are imposing their savage legislation and religion on a helpless, conquered population. Nothing of the above is new or had never happened in other wars, even recent ones. But it was always done in privacy and hidden as a shameful secret. The Japanese took prisioners Dutch and Korean women and used them as prostitutes. Even now, seventy years later, they are saying it was not so. The Manchukuo Army operated a top secret lab developing biological weapons on people. The Nazis killed millions of Russian captives, and the Soviets did the same. But it was hidden from the press, in remote camps. The Nazis carried out a vast extermination program, but it was in the most absolute of the secrets, without written orders nor inculpating documents. What is extraordinary here is that all those barbarities are done in the open, documented and advertised on the world wide mass media. The Caliphate not only that is not ashamed of its crimes but it proudly proclaims that it is doing God's will.

Most extraordinarily, no one is calling them criminals, no one is sueing them at The Hague High Court of Justice, the United Nation's Crimes Against Humanity is not investigating nor condemning them, no government - certainly not the Chinese, the European or Obama - had condemned them as outlaws and bestial criminals. Isnt that extraordinary?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Plato, the Jews and the Soul

People imagine philosophers as weaklings, but Plato was a powerful wrestler nicknamed The Broad ( = the Hulk). His real name was Aristocles  son of Ariston. Socrates passed the day exercising in the gym, becoming such a muscle-mountain that in battles (he was  as a hoplite, a heavy infantry soldier) the enemy left a wide circle around him. He engendered children at an age when others are retired, he was seventy when executed for impiety and left a young wife with three small children. Of course, impiety meant immorality, because Athenian had long stopped believing in the State's official gods and what really bothered them was Socrates's excessive interest in boys.

Plato invented the soul, before him no one had a soul. It is true that Athens was abrim with strange people like the vegetarian Orpheans who believed in reincarnation and intuited the existence of an universal spirit, but Plato defined and proved mathematically what the personal immortal soul was. The soul was made up from triangles and had three parts, like Freud's Ego and SuperEgo, the higher one residing in the brain. Plato's disciple Aristoteles said he loved Plato but he loved more Truth, and the truth was that the function of the brain was to cool the blood.

Plato's lectures were public and the entrance free, so many Jewish merchants that had business in Athens came to hear him. The Jews called themselves Punns, like in azes punim, and from here Punic Wars. They were amazed by Plato's phantasies, they themselves had never heard of immortal souls and they were sure they had none. God had breathed in Adam רוח חיים  - the breath of life, but it was not made up by geometric figures. Plato despised those supersticious "Egyptians" and was an early antisemite, although not an exterminationist like his contemporary Haman the Agagite.

Must be a reason for it

The after-tax yields of most Israeli corporate bonds are negative. Are inflation expectatives so high? Why?

Urban Streams

From the puerile green environmental confusion, some sensible concepts are emerging. The State of California is seriously preparing itself for an eighty years period of higher temperatures and drought, and has pinpointed an important health issue: dehydration and heat shock (we in Israel have many soldiers dying each year when training under the sun), and the phenomenon called urban heat islands (I'm living in one). One of the most interesting ideas is to rebuild the streams that currently are flowing within underground culverts and drainage cement pipes, and former - even temporary - water bodies (in Israel שלוליות חורף). They will need well paid water engineers for that. It is true: California's streets are paved with gold. May be all not all environmentalism is sheer bullshit. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


איב צור - מובילת הקולקציה (צילום: איל בן יעקב)

Young commenter IHTG calls my attention that she has converted to Judaism and now she is a kosher maidele marriagable for Jews. Thanks, IHTG.

TASE's Fatal Mistake

TASE, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, moved itself in 2010 from the Developing Countries World Index to the Developed World. They planned to attract more investment, but the opposite happened. Israel’s weighting dropped to 0.2 percent on the MSCI World Index from 2.7 percent on the gauge for developing nations (Bloomberg). Average daily trading volume has dropped by a third since 2010, and plunged to a five-year low of 955 million shekels ($267 million) in April. Only four companies have joined the exchange this year compared with a record 56 in 2007. A disaster.

Now that the war seems to have ended, stock prices may improve. On the other hand, Europe, China, Russia, Argentina are heading for a serious recession.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ratcheting Up in Gaza

In the last fifty days of the war, Israel has never attacked downtown Gaza City and the Mediterranean Seashore high class neighborhoods. Last night there was a change: Zahal bombed and collapsed two middle class residential high-rise buildings (pic). It worked.

This morning Hamas agreed to a ceasefire on the pre-war status quo conditions. They have not won anything but extensive destruction and death.

PS: Measuring the time gap between the last flash and the sound of broken glass (about 3 seconds) we can calculate the distance. The light travels almost instantaneously, the sound in dry air at 400 m/sec, that is, the explosion is at a distance of about 1.2 kilometers. The sound of debris falling on a car top is heard later.

History is changing

Israel is changing high school history teaching, giving more emphasis to the learning of the Holocaust. Although the Holocaust is the central event in contemporary history of the Jewish people, in the past it was covered marginally and emphasizing the heroic armed resistance and rescue aspects. The Haredim dont teach it, and if mentioned, it is thrown together with other historical catastrophies of our people, caused by our sins and Zionism. Now, I consider the Holocaust a most terrible defeat: it cought us unprepared mentally and politically, and we presented no resistance. We should not center our identity around defeat nor victimization. The traditional Zionist narrative of heroism was overdone but I like this new approach even less. Yet dont ask me how to transmit the memory of the Holocaust to the coming generations, in fact, I would like it never happened. 

Real Time Diary

Early morning here in ק"ק the village of Kever Benjamin. Alarm heard and then two explosions in the air. We are now in the fiftieth day of this war and Hamas keeps attacking.

Now, back to work. Pic. Illustration.