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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Singing the Paean

Greek armies prepared to enter battle singing the paean. How it sounded? Musically, the paean was a choral ode, and originally had an antiphonal character, in which a leader sang in a monodic style, with the chorus responding with a simple, informal phrase. Imagine a thousand healthy boys (all under thirty) marching slowly and singing "What we shall do with the drunken sailor?"                                                                

Open and Secret Operations

There was a time when these things were done in secret. Der Spiegel describes Germany's open attempts to learn more about Trump's true plans. They fear that President Trump might terminate the trans-Atlantic alliance and at the very least he would seek to renegotiate NATO's financing. That would cost billions to Germany.

The same could be true for German business, according to an internal analysis by the Finance Ministry. The report argues that a Trump victory would negatively impact German exporters. Trump's economic ideas, furthermore, "aren't feasible" ("nicht praktikabel") and violate international law ("Die Pläne verstießen gegen internationales Recht").

Under the cover of the night, the Germans may be wondering how to block Trump. The Chinese, too. Much is in play.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Homer or Chumash? None?

The Greek idea of the universe was of a clan of Immortals on a mountaintop, playing and fighting among themselves, without any transcendental purpose. They made humans to their image to provide entertainment. Out of unending boredom and lust, they assume human or animal form and procreate a zoo of demigods, drakainas, centaurs, satyrs, etc. Gods possess no moral guidelines nor plans, they and the humanity they created are pointless, their own existence purposeless. (*)

The only internally consistent weltanschauung standing against Homer is Judaism. God is non-human and creates all in six days with a clear moral purpose: that humans should live following his moral guidelines. The project went wrong from the beginning, Cain killed Abel, humans did evil, angering God to the point of deciding to undo all and start over from nothing. God has a purpose for us which is to live a moral life. Religious Jews, Christians and Muslims try to comply, each according its understanding. 

In every generation there are people who argues that gods are nonsense, and if they exist, they are indifferent to our doings. Normally they are forced to drink strychnine, lynched or stoned. 

You know who won in the ideological conflict between Athens and Jerusalem. Olympian gods survive only in a few episodes of Startrek (pic. Apollo). But now a new version of the same ideas is emerging under the name of the Simulation Argument.

"The Simulation Argument is perhaps the first interesting argument for the existence of a Creator in 2000 years." (David Pearce).  Yes, but what kind of Creator? A Creator a-la-Homer trying to amuse itself or an angry Chumash style Creator fixated on making us moral and holy, and not succeeding. 

Are we living in a simulation? Hanson imagines that simulations, if any, are things done by our descendants. Why should evolved post-humans do simulations of us? Like a super-realistic Warcraft video game, where the actors think they are real. Simulations could be the work of an outside entity trying to model human evolution, maybe to study  how we shall interact with them, to learn how dangerous we are and then, to formulate the best strategy to channel us to the situation where they want us to be. 

But I find that scenario implausible since presumes that humanity has some intrinsic worth, that someone out there or in the future is interested in us. As for me, I operate on the theory that no Supreme Being is interested in us, there are no plans for us, we have to formulate our own values and define our own goals. Prof. F. Nietzsche said it better, using abstruse German and in verse.  
(*) Greeks were a most religious people. Now, believing in the reality of Olympian gods as I had described, what kind of religion did they practice? They tried to attract the attention of the god they thought potentially more favorable to their endeavors and tried to gratify the god's sense of self-importance by offering expensive human and animal sacrifices. It was a desperate and useless effort, the Greeks knew that but they could not think of anything better. Can we? 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Half of Young Adults in Japan are Virgins

Official Government Figures.

Blame the economy. "Men are making about a third to half of what they used to make during Japan's economic boom years in the 1980s. Some men's sense of self is tied to their salary and they feel threatened by women who are empowering themselves."

That is idiocy. Sex is free. I'd call it mass depression.

Buying Lamb in Hirbet Ha Navi Elias خربة النبي الياس

My wife wanted lamb for the New Year dinner (sitting thirty at the table) but in Kever Benjamin we found no good meat. Coming back from Ginot Shomron, a forty years old settlement in Samaria, I entered an Arab village and saw bloody carcasses hanging from hooks in a butcher shop, with a bus of black hatted Jews stationed in front of it. They were shohatim - ritual slaughterers - working in the shop, ordering the natives to bring in this cow and that sheep, and paying with freshly printed blue 200 sheqels. They may have been from Jerusalem. Now we have fresh kosher meat for the feast.

The village is called Hirbet Ha Navi Elias, that is, the Ruins of Prophet Eliyahu. The villagers are called Bani Elias, Sons of the Prophet Eliyahu. Who knew that the Prophet toured the Shomron and left descendants? Kosher meat is a big business in Samaria,  the economy of this village seems to be fully integrated to the Jewish settlements around (Alafey Menashe, Karney Shomron, etc.).

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

All That Matters

Average number of children per woman, by regions

The Occupied Territories (Shomron and Yehuda):  4.89
Jerusalem 3.93
Negev  3.49
Center 2.85
Galilee 2.73
Tel Aviv 2.69
Haifa 2.55

The Shomron Settlement enterprise is the Jewish people's arrow shot into the blue. It is our greatest treasure. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Is the Rot reaching America's Core?

Following the style of the Kabbalah, the Sage Steven Sailer poses an issue for debate in the night session. He posits the WSJ story that Palantir is being sued by the American Government no less than for racial discrimination. Palantir is a big data mining company, under contract for the American security apparatus/government.
For a software engineer position, the government said, the company hired 14 non-Asians and 11 Asians among more than 1,160 qualified applicants of whom 85% were Asian.
The likelihood that this result occurred according to chance is approximately one in 3.4 million,” the government said in the filing.
The Talmudic sages presumed in their comments that the applying Asians were Chinese and Palantir did not hire them because of potential Chinese infiltration. The white bearded kabbalist formerly known as J discarded the idea, Asians are Indians and chattering exotics, all coming with golden Indian fake credentials, formally super-qualified. Anyway, dividing humanity into two groups - Asians and non-Asians - is idiotic, and calculating probabilities on a small group of self-selected applicants is moronic. Everything in this lawsuit is wrong, the calculation of probabilities in the first place. It confirms my deep rooted prejudice that social "scientists", philosophers and judges (specially female judges) have zero sense of numbers or proportions. According to the American government idea of equal chances, 30 (that is, the 85%) of the 35 applicants hired should have been "Asians" and 5 should have been non-Asians, whatever that means in America (Melanesians? Patagonian Indians?).

(Till now, I presumed that the American government idea of "equality" and "racial discrimination" meant that the racial mix of the hired should represent the general population, with special regard to the quota of Africans. One is learning all the time.)

SFG said: 

“You know, this needs more play. Diversity silliness is actually starting to affect*national security*.”

What tipped you off? The Obama Administration allowing women to become Navy SEALs? The fact that Obama has now promoted as many (or more) blacks to the rank of four star general than all previous presidents combined? At the last count (and this was probably a year ago) there were 8 blacks appointed to four star by presidents before Obama, and Obama alone had appointed 8. At that time 18% of currently serving four stars were black. That despite the fact that blacks are only 13% of the US population and a far smaller share of the officer corps.

Diversity silliness is actually starting to affect *national security*. We’re not going to have smart people spying for us because they have to be the right shade. The Chinese have got to be laughing their heads off. Same with the Russians, though they’ve probably got a bottle of vodka open.

PiltdownMan  said:
In the normal commercial world, a private company that is a client, represents the majority of revenue to a service provider and wants to see some new faces across the table would simply drop a hint or two. But Palantir and the government are different-or rather, they are the same, in a deep state sense.
I know about independence of executive departments in our government but it certainly appears that one arm of the executive, Ms. Shiu’s, is working at cross purposes with another, namely, the national security apparatus that signs the checks to Palantir and requires high security employees at Palantir, i.e. white guys. I’m surprised no one has ridden herd higher up and and simply told her to shelve the investigation. Or maybe I’m not surprised.

J's afterthought: 

The Government is accusing Palantir that it is racially distorting the free play of the probabilities. 85% of the applicant were Asian, therefore, says the government, 85% of the hired engineers should have been Asian. Any other proportion would mean that Palantir is racially biased.

The only way Palantir can survive in this Government imposed racial quota system is by cheating, which given the Government’s ludicrous math skills, must be extremely easy and big fun.

Footnote:  A palantír (pl. palantíri) - see pic - is a fictional magical artefact from J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy legendarium. A palantír (sometimes translated as "Seeing Stone" but literally meaning "Farsighted" or "One that Sees from Afar"; cf. English television) is a crystal ball, used for both communication and as a means of seeing events in other parts of the world.

More Jettons

Jettons are tokens, casino chips, calculi (small pebbles in Latin), money surrogates. While traveling in the Negev to solve horrible water planning mistakes (*), suddenly I realized that I had something heavy in my pockets.

Without my knowing it, (1) Israel had signed a 10 billion dollar agreement with the Kingdom of Jordan to supply natural gas from the Leviathan field, (2) all the gas related shares on the TASE, the stock exchange, had risen 5 or more percent, and (3) the sheqel became more muscular and is trading for 3.7 sheqel for a dollar. All that means that the pebbles in my pocket are now more numerous and heavier.

I am best at making money while I do nothing. Let's get drunk and see what happens.

(*) Caused by Mekorot 

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Fishwrap Surrenders

The "Monster" of the Hebrew-language Palestinian fishwrap HaAretz, Gideon Levy, writes that the Left's strategy to provoke international intervention to "solve" the Israeli problem is doomed, the foreigners have lost interest in the settlements and they hate the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Muslims in general. Quote: "All the prophecies of doom that were a source of hope for those who believed the Israeli occupation must come to an end have dissipated."

Levy writes that the West came to see Israel as an important stabilizing factor in the Middle East, and instead of subverting it as Israeli leftists dreamed, Western governments are now co-operating with Netaniyahu. Levy dismisses the BDS movement as ineffective agitation in the campuses without any impact on government policy.

He concludes that the hope of the West "liberating" Palestine is lost, that the only possibility left is to mobilize Israeli public opinion. In short, HaAretz declares the Israeli Left (and itself)'s total bankruptcy. Can we hope Levy is signalling the end of the Jewish Left's ugly, self-hating, antisemitic incitement?

Footnote: The corollary of the Israeli Left's loss of hope is that South African Whites and South Rhodesians lost their countries for want of faith and persistence. Had the Boers circled their cattle-wagons and held out till the political winds changed (2016)...  They needed some "bitter-einders" like Shimon Peres, always searching for peace and never finding it...  These days when Western cities are burning and a realist camp has surfaced from the underground, they are unable to apply long-distance pressure ...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sex and the Water Engineer

I went through life ignorant of sex. For a long time actually I did not know where actually was the female organ. I threw myself on my partner and pushed... and nothing. Frenetic, I demanded my partner to put my penis inside her. Normally they did not help me, touching a penis was not something done by the nice girls of the circles I frequented. I suffered most with African girls, their black bush was hurting me, their kinky hair was like gilette blades cutting me.

A few times I tried to go down, but saw nothing in the dark and did nothing. My partners did not like spotlights. Their bush smelled of pee and fungal emanations, I suspected diseases and parasites, never understood what my friends found in it.

It was the internet that educated me about how a female looks like. The shaving fashion is a great help for men, the girls look clean and attractive.  It is a personal loss that for me it is too late.

The internet also solved for me some mysteries. For example, their crying. And squirting.

Ignorance is bad. Internet is good.