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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Deification of Obama

Eight years ago, Obama received a well-ordered world. Russia was contained in its borders, Libya was ruled by a clown who had given up its nuclear project, Syria was quiet under the hands of a British trained dentist, peace reigned in Mubarrak's Egypt, Iraq was being consolidated, the European Union was negotiating Turkey's membership and so.

Obama leaves the world in flux: Russia is expanding and eyeing the Baltic and Syria, following Obama's orders the Iraqi army evacuated Mosul for the restored Caliphate, Libya has no government and barely exists, Syria is fractured and in war. The European Union is falling apart.

Chaos everywhere. More than once I wondered in this diary - What is Obama trying to do?  The answer may be in David Brin's Foundation's Triumph:
"Chaos! Seldon keeps using that word to attack us. We embrace chaos. When ideas roar in myriad directions, somebody is going to hit on the right formula to conversing with the Godhead, with the eternals that permeate the cosmos. From then on, we will be one with them! Our deification will be complete!"
From Bush's "New World Order", Obama has led us to divine chaos. Should we embrace chaos and aspire to theosis?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Living in a (Cultural) Desert

We have no television at home but I watch TV when I can. When in Samaria, I stop at Palestinian shops and they all have open TVs at full volume. What is what they are watching? Telenovelas. Arab soap-operas. The action is in some palace or village a hundred years ago, with a powerful mustachioed Arab orders his intriguing sidekicks around. Totally infantile. Why they don't read books? Well, there is no Palestinian publishing industry, only about 200 books published per year, most of them elementary school or coloring books.

Moreover, there is no publishing in Arabic anywhere. If we discount the Quran and other holy texts, the porn magazines, we have no Arabic literature at all. There is no reading public, there is no demand for books. American cannot visualize the intellectual desert of the Arab world, living as they are in a place where 304,912 titles are published each year. How could they comprehend a world of 400 million Arab-speakers with no books? Since the human brain cannot stand vacuum, Americans fill this empty cultural space with imagined doctrinal/philosophical debates among the Sunni and Shia, among ideological differences, etc. but there is nothing of that. Mental vacuum explains the senseless horror of the Middle East.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jews are different

Russia occupied recently the Crimean Peninsula. Not one Russian national protested.

China seized seven islands in the Pacific Ocean. Philippine protested at the United Nations (followed by its President declaring his love for China). No Chinese protested anyhere.

Romania occupied Transylvania, the central homeland of the Hungarian people, deported Hungarians and moved in ethnic Romanians. Have you ever heard a Romanian protest? Anyone demanding its return?

The Kingdom of Jordan attacked Israel and lost. Israel ended the war with the West Bank of the Jordan River in its hands.  The King of Jordan renounced all claims to that piece of land and made peace with Israel.  For fifty years the Jews never stopped demanding the end of the occupation and last week "BeTzelem" head Haggai Elad (pic) went to the United Nations' Security Council to demand that the organization use force on Israel, that is, to send blue-helmet troops to fight Israel.

Jews are different.


Simchat Torah - Rejoicing in the Law

This long holiday of Succot (Shelters - see pic) is culminating with the Rejoicing in the Law (the Torah). This Succah satisfies the hundred requirements of kashrut (ritually correct). The decoration says: "Land of Wheat and Barley, and Vine and Fig and Pomegranate, Land of Olive Oil and Honey". Notice that it does not say Land of Meat - that is Argentina. Israel is a land for vegetarians like my daughters. Generally, the rainy season starts about this time.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Flint: Even Leadless Water is Unsafe

The imaginary lead in Flint River water supplied in 2014 is still causing mental health problems in Flint, and will forever. The latest lawsuit (by a NYC law firm) states that the Government is not providing comprehensive special education to Flint children, who may or may not have been affected by the water, no one knows for sure as there is not even one proven case, but are certifiably retarded, a fact about which there is no doubt. 
Health officials cannot say whether there has been a spike in health issues because of the water crisis, however the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no safe blood lead level in children. Lead exposure in children can lead to behavioral problems, developmental delays, learning disabilities and other health issues.
"There is no safe blood lead level" literally means that even zero lead is unsafe. Since "lead exposure can lead to behavioral problems", the logic says that the underperforming children of Flint ...  (complete the sentence). The ACLU is suing the Government to provide free special education to Flint children, not that anyone believes it will do them any good. But it will cost a lot of money and provide gainful opportunities for people providing education services.

As Prof. Victor Davis Hanson has pointed out, foreign leaders reading things like these (and watching university students claiming for safe spaces against micro aggressions - see pic) cannot believe that America is a serious country and may act precipitately. Like the Japanese surprise attacking Pearl Harbor or Putin nonchalantly bombing American allied troops in Syria. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hungarian Self-Doubts: How Do I know that I am Not Jewish?

A common terror of the Hungarians is to wake up one morning and discover that they are - God Forbid! - Jews. Like that Jobbik antisemite party leader and parliamentarian that one day was told by Jew-detectives that his Father and Mother were Holocaust survivors and they had hidden their Jewish identity from him, probably to protect him from the virulent antisemitism raging in Hungary, or more practically, from being beaten up in the school and the street. Hungarian young people, never having seen a Jew in flesh, imagine the most bizarre things about those mysterious beings and live in terror of being one.

The question of how one can know that unknowingly one is not - God Forbid! - a Jew  has been posted in an Hungarian internet forum. "Kérlek segítsetek, nagyon félek, hogy én is zsidó vagyok!"   Please help me, I am very afraid that I may be a Jew! The forum took the question most seriously and four pages of comments offer useful cues how a tormented soul could discover if God Forbid! he is Jew.

Hungarian language internet is full of sites about the physiognomy of Jews presenting galleries of Jewish noses, eyes, ears and the peculiar smell and other revealing Jewish features. See above he pic of a typical Jew according a Nazi site. The funniest comment (apart from the Jews needing warm water because of their lizard ancestors - that's why they are invading Hungary, to occupy its famous thermal springs): "Ezen kívül vannak egyéb jellemzők pl a nagyon fehér bőr és a szeplősség, v szeplősödésre való hajlamosság (pl napozás után)."  = In addition (after describing vulture noses and Jumbo ears), there are other indicators such as very white skin and freckles, or a tendency to freckles (after sunbathing). Another expert revealed that you can recognize a Jew by its deep-seated eyes and long face. Horns were not mentioned.

You think it is a joke. It is not.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Weakening Animal Spirits

For the last two years European interest rates have been zero or negative. It is like the Government publishing: "Come and take the money and do something with it!" This was presumed to stimulate economic activity, yet all measures of activity are declining. The "Lets Go" spirit is agonizing in Europe, people is satisfied and has no desire of working harder and getting rich. Eurosclerosis.

About 30% of European youth is living an unstructured vagabond life, no permanent home, no stable partner, not in any multi-year education program, no permanent job nor career path. This summer, about 25 million toured the continent sleeping in hostels, taking occasional jobs washing dishes till they had enough money to continue traveling, masturbating a-duo with other nameless vagabonds on the road, always racing like mice trapped in a shoe, in a frenetic yet pointless carousel.

Of course, this cannot go on forever. The forces on the limes will interrupt their amusement. They always do. Thanks God we in Israel are engaged in endless wars that will never let us lose our focus and relax. Jews in the Diaspora envy our youth.

Map: Northern Shomron. Look how much empty country, think how much still to occupy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Something more to worry about: NDMA in drinking water

N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) is a member of a family of extremely potent carcinogens, the N-nitrosamines. NDMA occurs in drinking water resulting from reactions during chlorination or via industrial contamination. The chlorination of wastewater generates much NDMA. In Israel we use choramination to treat drinking water, and we reuse wastewater.

This horrible molecule came to my attention through an "out-of-place" article in Fortune.  The article is based on data but biased. It is psychological warfare against China. Frightening the Chinese (easy - they are all hopeless hysterical hypochondriacs) makes trouble for the government. 

Not Traitors but Great Power

"BeTzelem"  (On the Image of God) and "Shalom Achshav" (Peace Now) Israeli organizations took part in the UN Security Council and the UNESCO meetings dedicated to condemn and punish Israel. It reminds me of Greek politicians going to the enemy camp (like the demoted Spartan king Demaratus joining the Persian King in his invasion of Greece) in their quest to take revenge on their fellow citizens.

To correct the widespread impression that they are  traitors, Peace Now publishes today a large front page ad in the fishwrap HaAretz declaring that they sat in the Council only to advance the legitimate two-state "solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a position that is being advanced not only by them but by the United States and all the European countries. Those countries were deliberating at the Security Council's meeting, therefore being perfectly legitimate for them to do likewise, and not only legitimate but patriotic.

Yes, foreign powers are forcefully trying to impose on Israel a political-military action, openly and by using native agents at their payroll. Peace Now is one of them, it is financed mostly by foreign powers, but they are trying to convince the public that they are not serving foreign interests but are honest, patriotic Israelis. Many of them surely think so, I know that first hand.

The Norwegian government has been the most active in secretly organizing and financing local agents, many of them camouflaged as humanitarian, inter-faith, anti-war, etc. with attractive Hebrew names. Those organizations have been de-legitimizing not only the government of Israel but Israel itself, and many have crossed the red line of sabotaging the army and helping enemy armed forces. Obama government is also acting in the same way with the difference that the Americans are honest and in general, they operate in the open. At least, till now, the CIA was not caught, although it is well known that they too do these things. And they are effective, not like the Scandinavian lunatics.

Peace Now, on the fishwrap's front page, is saying: we are doing what America is doing, and no one is accusing America of betraying Israel, ergo we are not traitors.

May be. Simply they live in an illusory universe where they are Americans, where America is not a foreign power protecting, advancing its own interests. I cannot blame Americans since  in every occasion they emphasize that their diplomats and their armed forces are in the Middle East protecting American national interests. They never said they were protecting Saudi or Israeli interests. Peace Now are hearing voices in their heads, they have gone banana.