Monday, March 02, 2015

Learning to Think

Yesterday's catch of discarded books (University of Ariel) includes some small volumes of a Hungarian Jewish mathematician George Polya. How to solve problems can be downloaded from the internet as probably all his books.

He says that mathematical discoveries are not made in a rigorous, rational way, but intuitively and then, generations work to prove it. This insight seems to me phantastic, because it points to the fact that real, original, creative thinking is done in the non-rational part of our brains, and the rational, logical thinking that follows it is just a working out the details. Like writing the report.

Another amazing insight of his is that even the driest, most rigorous Eucledian demonstrations mean nothing, they prove nothing. There is no way to be absolutely certain of anything: he quotes Euler in that the knowledge that the sun rised 5000 years in a raw does not make it certain that it will rise tomorrow, only that is highly plausible. Each additional day it raises, makes it more and more plausible, but never certain. It is perfectly possible that tomorrow morning the Maschiach will come, but not very plausible. Let's keep expecting him.

Problem: Calculate the probabilities that the Maschiach will arrive tomorrow morning

Easy. We start counting from the Big Bang i.e. about 15 10^9 years. Each year has 365.25 days. Since 15 10^9 x 365.25 morning he did not come, 1/ 15 10^9 x 365.25 chances for tomorrow morning.  Now, let's imagine a certain point in time, that we shall call the J-point, 10^18 years before the Big Bang. We cannot know if he did arrive punctually every 0500 AM in those years before the Big Bang, because it was literally before our time, but the very possibility he did (or did not) changes all. As Polya said, we know nothing for certain, only plausibilities.

Now I MUST stop speculating and get down to work. Tomorrow I have a meeting in the Ministry and I have to come with the plan for Julian's cake factory. Julian is a forerunner of the coming French aliyah, he came with money and a trade, and is starting a French cake factory. The French aliyah may not create many internet startups, but we may become a world power in charcuteries and baguettes and French philosophy.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

No More Equality under the Law

Hon. Eric Holder Calls "For a Lower Standard of Proof for Civil Rights Crimes". Translation: WASPs and their kind are automatically suspected of evil intentions and are second class citizens. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Purim in Kever Benjamin City

Left: Miss Minnie Mouse solving geometrical puzzles with the help of Dora and the monkey Boots. I'm reading George Adam Smith's Historical Geography of the Holy Land. This Aberdeen pastor places Kever Benjamin where I live around Petach Tikva. He derives Canaan from the Hebrew root כ נ א meaning low, depressed  - as the Canaanites occupied the lowland while the Hebrews the hill, the Shomron heights. Regarding the Philisteans, he points out that they infiltrated/invaded the country at the very same time as the Hebrews, both coming up from Egypt: the Hebrews choose the Eastern route through Moab while the Philisteans followed the coast and entered through Gaza. He thinks both are more or less the same people although the Philisteans had progressed to the Iron Age (חרשים - smiths) while the Hebrews remained in the Bronze Age.

Adam Smith's geography served General Allenby in his conquest of the Holy Land. Since then, it appears that Kever Benjamin moved to 15 Km north from Petach Tikva and is among the ten wealthiest settlements in Eretz Israel.

Water consulting team gets $900 an hour

The Client: Flint MI  (Pic.: Not yet Flint)
The Consultant: Veolia.
The Problem: Trihalomethanes contamination (THM)
Unpaid Expert: Unaknowledged Coli contamination was treated with massive quantities of Chloride.
Prognosis: It will wash out spontaneously.
Free advice: Sack all City employees hired by virtue of minority quotas. Sack all the employees of the Water Company with IQ lower than 105. Till it is done, drink bottle water.

Circumcision in Rosh HaAyin City

Yesterday attended a circumcision ceremony in Rosh HaAyin and want to write down the experience, but don't know how. As introduction, I shall recall a childhood friend who escaped home at 17 and "married" (no papers) a 16 y.o. American-Indian girl selling ice cream in the street. He worked as a taxi driver to maintain her and the twins born to them. Today he is very rich but unable to help his drug-addict sons. Once I wrote to a mutual friend about how unlucky and unhappy he was, that I had presaged that the misalliance of this viola-playing Jewish boy would lead to declassing and degradation. Eventually, the letter found its way to him and caused him to cut me off, even not allowing me to pay back a debt. I really miss him. So I'll be careful.

Yesterday's brit ceremony was in a poor neighborhood of the Yemeni town of Rosh HaAyin, at the home of the "father's" ancestral home. My relative is a very blond blue-eyed beauty from a liberal, left-wing kibbutznik family. She had left home to live in proud feminist freedom in Jerusalem and I rarely saw her. Now at 38 she gave birth to a boy and thus the ceremony. The bio-father is short Yemeni Jew of about fifty that lives in Tel Aviv. I did not see them exchange a word and much less a kiss. We Ashkenazim have no extended families and apparently she has not many friends as there were none at my table (I sat with an elderly couple, neighbors of the "father"). The ceremony was short and quiet, no music, the mohel came and without a drasha (traditional moral story) proceeded to do his job.  I just remembered a brit in the same city forty years ago: the place was full of  chattering Yemeni Jews in folk dress, with their 5 gallon tin drums, singing and dancing while the  bearded rav told a parable in
an obscure Yemeni accent.

 overheard - now she will need much help with the baby and has no partner- she is alone

Pic. Reb Aumann and his family celebrating his Nobel Prize in Stockholm

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Evolutionary Diet

After a lifetime battle against overweight, here are some (temporary) conclusions:

(1) I am not fat. Anyone knowing me will fall to the floor laughing but yes, I am as I am made to be. Looking at the pictures of my ancestors at my age I see people with inflated faces hidden by long beards and big hats, large hanging bellies distracted by gold chains and watches. Painting of European kings show fat bellies under floating silk coats. I dont see slim, athletic nobles, although they lived in a carless, liftless environment.

(2) Evolution has made my body to operate optimally when fed certain foods, the ones consumed by my ancestors throughout the generations. Old literature always talks about "earning my bread", old songs mention "pan y cebolla" - bread and onions. Hungarian field armies had mobile baking units that prepared fresh bread every morning for the troops, - bread was the basic stuff. Roma's main preoccupation was to ensure cereal supply to the city, which existed on bread ("Panem et circus"). Bread is the food I am best adapted to. In other words, bread is the healthiest diet for me - with some cheese, onions and garlic, and moderate amounts of fish, meat and red dry wine.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Update: Nano Printer

מספר נייר ערך:
ת. פעולה אחרון:

BTW, also my biopharma bets are starting to do well. 

Bank of Israel has lowered its basic interest rate to 0.1%. 

The message, as I understand it, is "Please take the money and do something with it."

Take out a free mortgage and buy an apartment to rent out. Invest in concept start-ups. 

I am thinking of MORE creative ways to invest free money. 

What about buy farms and real estate in Gaza? When we retake it, it will be worth millions. 

What about financing the sheep smuggling business into Israel? 

Israeli Bedouin growers are protected so there is unsatisfied demand.

What about loaning money to Putin at 18% per annum?

Any ideas?  

Why I detest the Frankfort School

Yesterday I had a hard day. It started at 530 AM and ended 8 PM. Today I am taking a day off.

The book Masculinities made me see the vitality of the Frankfort School in our time, in fact, with Obama the whole world is ruled by its ideas. The Frankfurts propose a world of total equality, no violence, no compulsion, of love and harmony. Who can be FOR slavery? African savages capture in the jungle, sold to slave traders and then to commercial farms in the tropics where they were forced to work in the fields. If escaped, they were branded with hot irons. If commited a crime, their owner was free to punish them according to his sadist instincts or economic interests. The Frankfurts diagnosed the disease and proposed a cure for it. Am I an inhuman beast enjoying the image of African captives singing sad blues in the malarial swamps of Louisiana? No and no.

Yet, all the studies show that blacks were excellently fed, well cared and productive in captivity. Sex was not lacking, as their numbers exploded in America and the Caribbeans. Their work created the worldwide textile industry, industrializing and benefiting millions.

All that was before the Frankfurts took over America's mind. Today, Frankfurt influence has liberated American Blacks, they have voting rights, they are exquisitely respected and subsidized. American Blacks live in a safety, freedom, abundance that the most extreme Frankfurt could not imagine. I ask: Are they better now than two hundred years ago? Africans live in ghettoes carefully avoided by the rest of Americans, they produce nothing and learn nothing, and waste their lives drugged in the gutters suffering the whole book of social ills. Frankfurt ideas have caused that at any time some ten percent or so American Africans are in jail or under police supervision. Erich Fromm's call for freedom has led them to a situation where thay are more unfree than ever, more dependent on their former owner's charity than ever, more alienated as any time ever.

An objective analysis will show that the Frankfurts were a total disaster for African Americans, they could not cause more harm and push them lower if they had planned so.

The Frankfurts have caused even more fatal blow to the Jewish people. In the name of freedom and equality, they turned the modest Jewish meideles into college sluts; in the name of combatting fanatic paternalistic tyranny they destroyed the strong Jewish family; in the name of equal gender power they make them spend their fertile life in classrooms and in the business rat-race. American (and European) Jewish communities have collapsed and atomized, and its individuals are too isolated and weak to face and combat the universal Jew-hate that surrounds them.  Compare the pre-Frankfort Jewish family, black-hatted Dooved closing the shop on Friday and proudly walking to the Synagogue followed by his sons, returning home after prayer to rule over the Shabbath table. Jews had the spiritual resources to survive and prosper in any hostile environment. His grandson Scott, about the same age, stands lost and desperate as the university demands his resignation as punishment for Israel's crimes in Gaza. He cannot explain to himself how he arrived to this situation, and of course cannot ask for understanding or support from the liberated lesbian schwartze schiksa he shares with her butch partner. Of course he has no children nor close family, Earth is already overpopulated.

Any objective comparison will show that the Frankfurts were a total disaster for us, and I am tending to believe what my Mea Shearim relatives say, that they caused more damage and pain to Jews than Adolf Hitler. If the Jewish people had conserved its strong social structure, Auschwitz demographic hole (30%) would have been closed in one generation. After Frankfort, that loss is forever.

By its fruits, I detest the Frankfort School.

A Fragile Country

In my times in Argentina, there were two classes of people: "Gente como uno" or "La Gente Decente" (folks like us, or decent people) and "La Negrada" (Non-Whites, which included all those living out of an organized, stable family and job framework, without distinction of skin shading).

The Negrada comprised a floating mass of people living "de la mano a la boca" - permanently flat broke, without savings, surviving by small loans from friends and paying them back when some income fell from the sky. Their relationships were transitory and their children were brought up by "the whole village". My neighborhood butcher used to buy a "media res" (half carcass) and cut it up with a big knife. Children used to drop in the shop -  "Momma sent me for meat for the soup". He always cut out some low quality meat and added small change. Those were his children from a variety of relationships. That was the lifestyle of the Negrada. Apparently, America Year 2014 is not much different.

#1 At this point, approximately 62 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

 #2 24 percent of all Americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings.

#3 Adults under the age of 35 in the United States have a savings rate of negative 2 percent.
#4 More than half of all students in U.S. public schools come from families that are poor enough to qualify for school lunch subsidies.
#5 One out of every three adults in the United States has an unpaid debt that is “in collections“.
#6 The average American household is carrying a grand total of 203,163 dollars of debt.

The great mass of Americans are living in a situation that I would qualify as "financial emergency". The are totally dependent on the State working like a Swiss clock and its smallest disruption may cause mayhem and famine. Any prolonged strike by public employees managing social security, school lunches, etc. will knock them out. A bug in the computers will leave them wandering impotent on the streets. America is a rich and strong country with indigent and vulnerable population. Quoting Chairman Mao: "America is a paper tiger". 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Khatia and Gvantsa

I'm in love! With both! Simplement merveilleux et sans nul autre pareil. Je ne m'en lasse pas ! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

In the Printing Business

מספר נייר ערך:
ת. פעולה אחרון:


Double Pleasure

Enjoy Schumann, while you are guessing WHEN those tight white strips will explode and spill its generous contents...  You may also count her climaxes...