Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Argentines Laughing

The President of Argentina Ms. Kirchner returned from New York in a bad mood. She insinuated that the US is conspiring against her life ...:
"If something happens to me, dont look to the East, look to the North".
Her warning generated thousands of less than worried twits: "Obama wants to kill me!" (pic left); "The key to my tomb is under the doormat"; "Paint my coffin red and dont cry for me".

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The difficulty in seizing up the Arab world

There is a real difficulty for people like me to understand the depth of human differences. I woke up to this fact when grading exams: my most "brilliant" students were unable to produce a credible sentence or to imagine how mathematical representations relate to physical phenomena. Another learning window ocurred yesterday, when discovered that the CIA Country Profiles listed among the main West Bank aka "State of Palestine" industries the making of soaps, olive-wood carvings, and mother-of-pearl souvenirs. In my work, I move relatively much in Samaria and I do buy in their shops, and didnt notice they produced so little. I think Coca Cola and other soft drinks are the locally produced most sophisticated food products. I stopped buying their handmade sweets when a nut or stone broke my tooth. From the national economy point of view, they are at the African level.  It is not obvious, it takes fighting one's liberal prejudices to notice it.

When we are talking about Iraq and Syria - the Islamic State - Western press assumes they are like their say, Mexico or South Italy. In fact, it is desert with some gardens in the humid river valleys. No industries at all and even the souvenir shops have been razed. The intellectual production of the Arab world is amazingly insignificant. In ISIS there are no books at all except the 4th Century Quran and some archaic comments. What military force can these dirt poor and ignorant societies produce? I think Netaniyahu is right in dismissing ISIS as a danger to Israel.

The danger to Israel is the West taking up the Arab/Muslim cause. It was no military might of the black guerilla that defeated the South African government, I think they never got above of ambushing a jeep, but it was Europe and the USA taking up the fight as theirs.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Japan Today: Old and Poor

Japan is a quality country so cought me by surprise that its GNP is lower than Israel. Murakami's Japanese are passive and live phantasies, the country has been in depression and deflation for the last fifteen years. Working-age population will fall by 40% by 2050, retirement at 60 is absurd as Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world. Why this malaise?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Tribulations of a Self-Hating Jew

In a long article in HaAretz, the Palestinian fishwrap, Amira Hess begs our sympathy for her tribulations at the Bir Zeyt University. The academic symposium dealt with "Alternatives to Neo-Liberal Development of the Occupied Territories" and Hess was in the middle of her lecture when two local professors asked her to stop and ejected her from the campus. She was absolutely destroyed: How can you do this to me, I am a veteran fighter for Palestinian rights and so on. They explained her that the campus was a "safe area" where the students could feel free from the presence of the occupier, or to put it less delicately, the campus was "Judenfrei". But I am a champion of the peace camp, working with you to destroy the Zionist entity, it was me who convinced the German Rosa Luxenburg Fund to finance this program, etc.

It is not true, she writes, that she left because the students started to riot and to throw her stones, she left of her own will. She ends her poignant story with the emotional scene of her Palestinian cleaning lady conveying her the condolences of the entire Palestinian nation.

Amira Hess has been defaming Zionism and fighting for the Palestinian cause all her life. The realization that the Palestinians dont want to see her must be truly heartbreaking. She is braving the difficult denial stage, she still needs more stones thrown at her.

P.S.: Another angle. Amira Hess is intelligent and combative, she may have explained the Palestinian situation better than any Bir Zeyt professor. Her very brilliance made them uncomfortable, and the local mediocrities may have felt they were losing their students's respect.

Soros, the Saviour

George Soros (pic) has agreed with President Kirchner in New York that he will buy Argentina's debt to the "vultures" and will accept in payment the Vaca Muerta oil field, the world largest.  Soros, known as "El magnate húngaro", will ask a "stay" from Judge Griesa, solving Argentina's default problems. It is a typical 19th Century Baring Brothers - Banana Republic operation.

Biomed: Disappointment

The NASDAQ biomed index lifted 25% this year, while TASE's fell 20%. I lost. Why? The trend-reversing event here was the failure of Kamada's clinical trials, which depressed the small Israeli biomed sector. The analysts radiate pessimism, prices are falling: Could be this the right time to continue buying? 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Israel: Never a Dull Moment

An Israeli general: We are preparing ourself for war with Syria. We intend to honor the ceasefire agreement, but should the Islamists in Southern Syria attack us, we shall react. Between the lines message: We may react preventively.

The Magic of the Jews

Antisemites are wondering why the Nordic countries, specially Sweden, are accepting Syrian refugees. Why these Western Hunters, having exterminated the former inhabitants of those lands, and some others, are now allowing in the darkies? They think they have found the answer:  

Franklin Ryckaert
September 26, 2014 - 7:08 pm
@ Sigtrygg
Number of Jews in the Scandinavian countries and their percentage of the population as of 2012 :
Sweden : 15,000 – 0,158%
Denmark : 6,400 – 0,114%
Norway : 1,300 – 0,026%
Finland : 1,300 – 0,024%
Source : Wikipedia, Jewish population by country.
As always even very small numbers of Jews can change countries dramatically, by their financial power, political influence and above all by their ideas. I don’t know what it really is, but Jews seem to have an uncanny power to hypnotize their host population with destructive ideas. Gentiles fall for it time and time again.

I think they are crazy, crazy, crazy.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Engineering Offenses that are not in the Book

I'm writing an Expert Witness Document for the buyer of an apartment in the building in the pic. The place is Yaffo, seafront, near park and very expensive. The building is full of architectural and engineering monstruosities but they are of the sort that are not specified in the HALAT or the Blue Book that serve as our standards. I'm reading American Plumbing Codes too, and cant find anything applicable. For example, there are exposed sewage pipes in the bedrooms, yet there is no rule that they should be hidden inside walls or columns. There is an infinite number of engineering offenses that no regulator imagined or regulated. And there is a 2 sq.m. windowless ventilation-less "room" intended for a toilet. For that "crime" I may find the paragraph but not for the rest. Oy vey. I deserve this for "working" on a holiday.

Sunnis vs Kurds and everyone else

The border town of Kobani is being attacked by ISIS led by professional Sunni officers. Its fall will mean that the Kurds will evacuate Northern Syria and in a falling domino style, all Iraqi Kurdistan including Mosul. Nachirvan Barzani, premier of Iraqi Kurdistan, and  Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the PKK, called for “all-out resistance.” The key is in the hands of Turkey, that has been scheming for decades to destroy Kurdistan. Can America impose on the Turks to help the Kurds now fighting for their lives? Without that help it is doubtful that Kurds may survive as a national entity. Their fate will be the fate of other Middle East minorities - Yazidis, Arameans, Assirians, Mandaeans, Maronites, Jews in Arab countries, the Baharna, etc. The Shi'a (of the Twelver sect, see pic) in Saudi Arabia are an invisible oppressed minority. Northern Syria is very poor and damaged by the war. Any state based on that area will be very weak.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why Scotland voted NO?

They were afraid they would become a small White country adjacent to a large Muslim Kingdom.

Yayin Nesech - The Forbidden Wine

  יֵין-נֶסֶךְ Forbidden Wine - What is it? It is wine prepared for or dedicated to an idol. In antiquity, it was common to sacrifice wine to the gods, but Jews did not drink nor enjoyed such wine. Even today people use to toast and drop a little wine to the floor, to appease the gods of the underworld. 

The extremists forbid also    סתם יֵינָ‏ם
that is common wine, that has been touched by an idolater, because it is suspected that the idolater would have used to wine for liturgical purposes. Wine touched by a non-idolater non-Jew, one who believes in God, called Son of Noah (one who does not follow all the five hundred something Jewish commandments, only the eight rules of Noah), is perfectly kosher and can be consumed by pious Jews.

The Rambam wrote if one receives a very valuable gift of exceptionally good wine, he must drink it, but I couldnt find the source.  Maybe I'm making it up...  

Walking the Israel Trail

Left: Daughter with Two Domesticated Mountain Gorillas. Background: The Tabor.
Middle: The Expeditionary Force. Background: The Mediterranean.
Down: On top of the Carmel Range.Background: The Coastal Strip, Hadera.