Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Sunni Allies

Minister of Defense Ayalon is behaving out of character lately. He is the champion of Eretz Israel, yet sent Zahal to evacuate settlers and to raze houses built on "Palestinian" land. He has qualified the Sunni Muslims as our allies... Hold it Moyshe! ISIS, the sunny Sunni Caliphate, our ally?

In war there are no rules. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Israel's main enemy is Iran and its allies: Hizballah in Lebanon, the Baghdad clique. In the other corner: ISIS, the Saudi clan, Egypt and Turkey. And the passive masses of Palestine and Syria.

On the other hand, Netaniyahu decided that Israel will not be drawn into the regional chaos. We shall be not involved in the Sunni vs Shi'a business, if can help it.

There is no organized Sunni camp as of now, but it may develop as we move forward. The majority of Muslims are Sunnis - between 85% and 90%. Sunni means "Ahl al-Sunna", the people of the tradition. The tradition refers to precedent established by Muhammad and those close to him. The Shi'a are an heretic minority, the largest in the Islam.

The Sunni are a sect and not a nation and in my opinion, they don't realize that they are our allies. But Ayalon sees ahead, and those vaporous alignments may solidify as time goes.

In the media universe, Netaniyahu is waging a consistent campaign against Iran. He has broadcasted the same message for the last seven or ten years. The Obama accord defanging the Ayatollahs, only excites him and makes him to attack with increased fury. His leadership provides the crystallization point for the diffuse anti-Shi'a sentiment and forces the impotent Sunni leadership (like the Saudis) to support him and then follow him. If it is a formal strategy, it is very intelligent.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gauteng Tap Water: Safe or Unsafe?

The article title says it is safe. Reading down, it is not.

"Tap water in Gauteng is of the required quality, and the problems of pollution and compromised quality lies at its source. (J: Make up your mind, is water quality compromised?). Dr James Dabrowski said the water found in rivers and dams wasn’t good, often being overloaded with nutrients from waste dumped into rivers by industry. “While water suppliers might not get good quality water from the source, they treat it well, and so we have excellent drinking water,” Dabrowski said. (J: You dont make drinking water from human and industrial sewage. Not in Israel, less in South Africa). He explained that nutrients, mainly from sewage spilt into rivers, was sometimes not properly eliminated from the water during treatment (J: Didnt he say a minute ago that they treat the water well? He meant, maybe, that they talk nicely to it), leaving the water unsafe for consumption by end users. (In conclusion, sometimes, water is unsafe. Today, is it safe? End user = Use it and it's your end.)"

The Illustration bears no relation to the subject.  Hopefully.

Ahmed Vahidi escapes the Gallows

Iran promised to deliver its enriched uranium and centrifuges to Russia and stop the development of nuclear weapons. The agreement also contains a small letters paragraph promising to stop all processes against Iran, including the Interpol search for Ahmed Vahidi, an Irani general, accused of having blown up AMIA in Buenos Aires, causing 85 victims. After 21 years, no one has been detained nor punished for that crime. The terrorists are known and they are in Teheran drawing their Revolutionary Guards salary, and it seems, will escape their punishment forever. Argentina's Foreign Minister protested to Obama.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Toledo Water: Unsafe

Lake Erie can be compared to our Kinneret, a large natural drinking water reservoir surrounded by cities and farms. It has to be constantly monitored and protected against sewage and fertilizer inflows, to avoid the development of algae in summer.  It comes as a shock that Toledo's water supply is now endangered by an enormous algal bloom (Up right: satellite pic). I dont like Mayor Paula Hicks and her ruling clique, they dont seem to know the first thing about microtoxins. They are poisoning that crystalline lake, they are killing the fish, they are ruining the environment.

P.S.: "The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department recommends having 1 gallon of water per person, per day, for a minimum of three to seven days, as well as having water on hand for pets, in case the level of microcystin goes back up and an advisory is declared."

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hottentotta judaica vs. Little Daughter

A nasty Black Scorpion stung my blond daughter while she was rolling in the hay in the kibbutz. She spent the night in the Rothschild Hospital of Haifa connected to a monitor. She had no cardiovascular nor allergic symptoms, so they let her go back to work (she insisted). But I'm a bit worried about the Hottentotta. Its glass bottle broke and escaped. Was last seen on the floor of the Emergency Room ("miyyun"). 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hong Kong Water Scare

Hong Kong inhabitants are in a panic as tap water samples taken in June 2015 showed lead concentrations exceeding WHO standards. The panic grows as IQ tests of children has shown cases of delayed mental development - because of high lead levels in the blood. Health authorities explain that normally about 10% of the children show mild retardation symptoms. The nervousness is such that Hong Kong is outsourcing water and blood samples analysis to the USA. They need water engineers.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

41 years ago: Rebellion of the Jews

On July 25 1974 a Gush Emunim column marched through the newly occupied areas to the high heart of Samaria and founded the first modern Jewish settlement, opening up the way to settling the West Bank. The pioneer group, garin Alon Moreh, moved in at daylight in a semi-military expedition, the main column marching from Meholah and a diversion force from Jerusalem led by none other than Ariel Sharon. They met and reformed in Huwwarah. On 25th of July the garin marched to the abandoned Turkish train station near the village of Sebastia. (Pic.: Ariel Sharon, Benny Katzover and  anonymous holding - wrongly - an Uzi).

Having broken the Judenfrei tabu, they were allowed to move temporarily into the empty barracks left by the Jordanian Army at BAHD3. Those naked cement blocks became the first Jewish settlement in the Shomron, the city of Kedumim.  When serving in the BAHD3 camp, I used to cross the one-wire fence separating us from the settlement, and being all so ordinary and natural, it was difficult to imagine the historical civil disobedience that cracked the Rabin/Peres regime and caused them to acquiesce to the presence of Jews in their biblical heartland.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Germans love their culture, their art. The Act on the Return of Cultural Objects (Kulturgüterrückgabegesetz - KultGüRückG) - to their Jewish owners - is most painful. Pic. Hungarian Jewish home before the Nazis. Physical assets like oil, cement, grain, are losing their scarcity value, so grows the hunger to possess unique cultural objects. The art market is exploding. The best investment of the last hundred years was art, paintings and sculptures.The Zoll (Customs) site writes:

 "In Europe the trade in works of art and antiques has become an important economic factor. It appears that the demand for cultural assets is so great that the illegal procurement of stolen works of art and the trade in them are growing enormously.

The consequences are, specifically, the loss of cultural identity for the nations that are plundered, the disappearance of historical references, or, in cases of illegal excavations, the destruction of cultural sites that contain testimonials to human history."

One cannot buy anymore 50 years old paintings or old books in Europe and bring it to Israel. I started buying second-rank Israeli painters but I dont like their works. 

Jubilee Year Fears

We are approaching the "hagim" (holydays) month of the Jewish calendar and is already instilling fears in the hearts of the pessimists. The seven (and forty nine) years cycle turning point falls on next September 13th. It is a time for "release" (shemittah in Hebrew) of debts and starting a new count. Wall Street is nervous. Prophets on wooden boxes are spreading rumors that punishment is coming. "The Shemittah does not miss. I know I know this is a repeat rant. The jubilee year will commence a 'super-shemittah'. Short this market like crazy as impossible as it sounds this market is going to be collapsed by December."

Black Tuesday was Oct. 29, 1929.

A blog warns: "As the Shemittah approaches toward the end of the year, our only hope is an appeal to heaven." Start fasting.

Addendum:  Computer modelist Martin Armstrong declares: "The alleged comet expected to hit the earth between September 15-28, 2015 has been denied by NASA. I find it curious that this doomsday prediction lined up with the ECM. Nothing in our model confirms such a disaster."  You mayest take a breath now.