Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grenade stops Kalashnikov bullet

A bullet fired by a Kalashnikov hit the grenade on the soldier's chest. The grenade did not explode and soldier was unharmed. The improbable happens.

Arnold Kling and Detroit Water Incentives

I like Arnold Kling (Askblog) analysis of Gaza warfare tactics. How would it work on Detroit Water situation? A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to pay off Detroit poor's water debts, and to provide water to babies and miscellaneous innocent victims. What behaviour will reinforce this incentive? Is it the right thing to do? Is it ethical?

Taking prisioners

I'm not yet paranoid enough to say that Zahal follows this blog but the fact is that last night started the collection of prisioners in Gaza. It was my idea, two weeks ago when the war started I wrote that we should take one thousand Hamasniks, and then let Hamas proclaim their liberation as victory. This early morning picture shows last night's harvest of about 500 jetons (casino money).

Managing Incentives in Warfare

 Arnold Kling examines Israel's dilemma in Askblog. I presume the solution of the dilemma is better technology. The pinpoint shooting of terrorists from drones is a good example, although it was neutralized by hiding underground. We should had developed tunnel-crawling killer robots too. Next time.

Illustration: Left - The American Air Force (!) counter tunnel research program; Right - A prototype developed by an American university. American blogs are so defeatists, they all lament America's decay, but each time I look closely to a specialized area, the world is in the dark and the only light is in America. Only America has thought seriously about tunnel fighting, there is nothing anywhere else. It is the same in water treatment membranes, something I know more about: there is Dow Chemicals and then, years behind, two little known Japanese firms. Europe barely exists.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

After Two Weeks in Gaza

Two weeks of operation in the Gaza Strip and the Hamas is still fighting and firing missiles. Zahal is clearing the Eastern neighborhoods of Gaza City where the tunnels reaching inside Israel are situated, but it does not attack the densely populated downtown. The fact that Hamas leadership is in Qatar and their families are safe in Europe seems to be the expected (and accepted) behaviour for Palestinian leaders. Pic.: A tunnel.

The Dangers of Sex

Since here in Kever Benjamin we are exposed daily to the very real danger of a 5 kg TNT missile falling from the sky, lets talk about the no less horrible dangers faced by Africans making sex. According to, Zim sperm is being exported to South Africa where there is high demand by sangomas that use it their rituals. The 250ml bottles of sperm sell for between US$25 and US$30. Talk of the sperm reapers send shivers down the spines of men whose condoms disappeared after sex with prostitutes. One man was drugged by a hooker before being forced into repeated sex for the purpose of taking his sperm. The sperm harvesting craze had also spread to married women who are forcing their husbands to use protection during sex so that they could collect their sperm and sell it. There are rumors of "male sex slaves" kept for their sperm yield.

The same source reports increasing number of couples being stuck together during sex, some for seven-eight hours, requiring intervention to be separated. And if that is not enough, there are "sightings" of vagina dentata (undocumented, because those mutilated are keeping the secret), that is causing a veritable impotency epidemy in South Africa.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Each generation and generation...  Children only yesterday, the day has arrived when my little daughter' class mates are putting put up their lives in the unceasing war for Israel. And to die if their name is written in the Book of Death. And they do die. No rejoicing in Kever Benjamin today.

White Flag in Gaza

The battle to liquidate the Hamas continues so we can live without fear that a bunch of suicide assassins will spring out from a tunnel in the garden or a missile may fall from the blue sky on our heads while enjoying the supreme joy of our evening Standard (invented by Prof. Mendeleyev,  the Russian Nobel Chemist of the Periodical Table fame).

Grading Exams

... and bored. Left is one example: "This is my last exam to the diploma!! Done In the Name of The Name and It Will Succeed." Exam papers come with prayers, letters to the examiner, apologies and detailed descriptions of the student's personal problems and merits. I never read them if they are longer than ten words.

Tunnel Tourism

It is a myth that tunnel warfare was invented by the Hamas in Gaza. We Judeans tried it against the Romans in the Bar Cochba rebellion, and it known that we lost. The Romans simply smoked out the tunnels. The US Army even has a how-to-do manual on it.  As a warfare strategy, a rapid google search seems to show it is a losing technology - you dont win wars by hiding underground. Left: A VietNam tunnel complex, recycled as tourist attraction. Tunnel Tourism is not for claustrophobics. One day we may visit the Gaza tunnels guided by an aging crippled Hamasnik. I'm planning not to leave him a tip.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fighting Underground

It appears that in the Sadga'eeya neighborhood no Hamas fighters can be seen over the ground, they are hidden in an underground city that have been prepared in anticipation of the invasion. The leadership is in a large bunker under Gaza's main hospital. The extent and sophistication of the tunnel network under Gaza City has surprised Zahal. Much earthmoving and boreholing equipment has moved to reach them. Today 13 Golani Brigade soldiers were trapped and killed. It appears that the battle of Sadga'eeya will continue for a number of days.

What is An Obligatory War

Saturday, July 19, 2014

General Mordechay in Arabic: HAMAS hides in Hospitals

Hamas used 600 thousand tons of portland  (concrete) to build tunnels  instead of schools.

Tommy (The Who) - Jack Nicholson

Good Shabbos !

Argentina: Soft Default

Next week Argentina has to settle its debt with the "holdouts" or find itself in “soft default” - one driven by a legal squabble and not an actual inability to pay. Then it would regain access to regular loans. If not, the peso would weaken (more inflation) and enter a period of economic and political chaos. Yet, except for crime, living is good in Argentina.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Battle Order: You are to restore the quiet. Go and Attack!

Heard on Zahal's Radio. Wish a Good Shabath to  Our Soldiers.

Starting the Adventure

Summer on the Golan Meseta. Left. A large megalith formed by concentric stone circles. In the middle a large magical mound. From the ancestors of the people that built you Stonehenge.

Below: Wild cereals. People started to harvest the seeds and agriculture was invented (and the EEF race that colonized Europe was born). Greg Cochran thinks they spoke Euzkadi. Euzkera

Losing classes

0300 AM here. Our people started walking West and searching for tunnels. This may take a few days. Students phoning worried that they are losing classes. I told them to study in the meanwhile from the internet. They say they have no time, they are working all the time. Less hot this night.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

They are firing at me

The Islamists are firing medium distance missiles at me (I do take it personally). They were intercepted by Zahal (pic). I heard the explosions in the sky. I am working trying to solve an impossible yet too common a design problem - I have to accommodate a lot of functions in too small a place.

Small Expert Witness Job

An enterprising woman built two big houses (pic) - 6 apartments - and sacked and replaced the contractor without paying him. Because of the delay she had no rent income and got into debts. My task was to make an inventory of the work done. The judge will come to see the project and hopefully make her pay the worker.

Breeding Kwisatz Haderach

Prof. Greg Cochran has started "an adventure": the search for effective nootropics (possibly inspired by some of the Ashkenazi mutations),  cloning  a super-Neanderthal, or breeding the Kwisatz Haderach. He is looking for donors to finance the fundation.

The Breeding of the mythical Kwisatz Haderach (mispronunciation of the kabbalistic concept of קפיצת הדרך  which means "a shortcut") seems to me out of question, as it takes generations and no such project is feasible in our ephymerous world.  Dune has been out for more than a generation and no one took up the idea and tried to implement it.

The SuperNeanderthal is a project that is being done by research labs and needs no private push. Whatever its benefits, it will be achieved through the natural advance of science.

Regarding using Ashkenazi mutations to improve the intelligence of humanity, it may have profound consequences for us Jews. For one, people will be more like us and carry our genes - in fact, they will be genetically part Jews - so antisemitism will necessarily change its nature and probably become less murderous. Yet, our special role in human history will probably disappear. Basically, it may solve the "Jewish Problem". On the other hand, it may not. It is difficult to see the consequences of such a project. I dont know, lets hear other opinions.  Pic.: A typical Ashkenazi Jew, Paul Erlich.

Once started, the Adventure may take wings and lead to unknown spheres. Dragons Be There.