Saturday, October 03, 2015

Surviving Current Deflationary Cycle

The world is undergoing a severe phase of general oversupply of commodities and manufactures, halving their prices. Potash is being sold at 250 dollars per ton, while a few years ago it was 800 dollars. As a consequence, POTASH Corporation's stock is down 60 percent over the past five years. Credit Suisse says "the worst is over" for the potash market; however, recovery is not on the horizon. POT makes up an important portion of my savings.

While analyzing the economics of the Star Trek world, and the "Replicator" that produces anything at no cost, it occurred to me that it is not fiction but a project. What is the worth of POT if potash is mined at almost no cost? We are not there yet, but it is imaginable. If so, the current deflation of prices may be conceptualized as a change of phase instead of a recurring cycle.

What would be valuable in a Star Trek world? Real estate, for sure. But what is real estate? It is nothing more than a legal fiction, a Government license to use a plot within severe regulatory limitations. Everything valuable in Star Trek world is legal fiction, totally dependent from the Government. Therefore, in my opinion, the only transcendent value is political power, the capacity to influence the Government.

 Slate disagrees and says that Star Trek is a gift economy. (Blood banks are gift economy systems. Sex is a mixed gift / monetary economy.) Yet others have different opinions on Star Trek economy.  They say its currency is prestige or status. In that case, I blog for accumulating prestige. On the Enterprise, all work for altruistic motives - but that is Utopia.  The enterprise called Supermarket Victory in Kever Benjamin accepts only shekels. How un-Utopian.

As for POT, Star Trek provides no cues and I don't know what to do.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Marxist Analysis of the 2015 Migration to Europe

"The one thing about Marxist thought that remains solid is class struggle. The disappearance of our factories, that's to say de-industrialisation of our countries and the outsourcing of industrial work to the countries where labour is less expensive and more docile, what else is this other than an act in the class struggle by the ruling bourgeoisie?" (Ranciere).

The importation of one million desperate Syrian and other Third World young people to Europe's industrial heartland, what is its purpose? From the Marxist viewpoint, the ruling bourgeoisie is creating competition to undercut native workers and put the fear of unemployment in the hearts of the working class. It is a classical act of class struggle that has demonstrated its brutal effectiveness since the importation of famished Irishmen to man Manchester textile mills, and the flooding of America by European immigrants between 1890 and 1920.

I think that the British working class if the most advanced of the world and we see how it has reacted:  by electing Marxist Corbyn to lead the Labour Party. They understand that current leadership does not represent their interests but of employers. I would not be surprised if the German people reacts in the same way, electing Socialist - Communist representatives to the Bundestag. They know the meaning of that million work-hungry newcomers: harder working conditions, unmovable wages and the menace of replacement by younger and less demanding workers.

A mixture of workers rebellion with deep rooted xenophobia will change the political panorama. Maybe this is the hour of Corbyn and similar extreme leftists. We have no friends among them.

Pic.: Everybody is talking about the weather. Not us. Explanation: We mean business.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Paraguay: Stable-boy promoted to University Professor

Only in Paraguay?

"Carlos Alfredo Noguera realiza la función de cuidador de animales de la Facultad de Veterinaria, pero figura como profesor universitario, según consta en la planilla de sueldos de Hacienda. Sin siquiera asomarse a las puertas de las aulas, Noguera percibe un salario de profesor y gana G. 2,6 millones. Noguera es conocido también por su militancia política."

Mr Noguera works as stable boy in the School of Veterinary but the payroll says he is full University Professor. Without ever visiting a classroom, Noguera is paid as Professor - 2.6 million guaranies. He is known for his political activism. 

The Forces of Chaos

Chaos is engulfing the Middle East, and the flow of refugees towards the peaceful lands of Christianity is channeling chaos into Europe. Nor the Schengen Accords of a passportless EU has been suspended, and the discord is leading to softening up the union.

I first saw Chaos defined as a force in Simon Bolivar's papers: he said that it is difficult to organize the Gran Colombia nation because of its racial composition, the African blood having an innate tendency toward disruption and chaos. Others accuse us the Jews of being the spirit of disruption of European nations, as if before or after us reigned celestial harmony. I think it is a human imperfection, humans are constantly seeking advancement by undermining and destruction of the existing order.

Chaos is studied mathematically, and the first law is that the more stable structures survive. The history of humanity cn be seen as natural selection of political forms, eliminating the unstable and letting to survive the stable ones. In this sense, the Viking - Anglosaxon nations are the most stable of all: In Norway there was no civil war in the last thousand years.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Understanding Deep ISIL

I'm wasting time this Succot vacation trying to understand the Caliphate phenomenon by reading their semi-ideological magazine Dabiq.  Contrary to what the ignorant Western media writes, the Islamic State has no ideological overment against Western colonialism or lifestyle, they are a sect (the Sunni = the consensus practice)  fighting a very long battle against the Rafidi (or Shi'a = "Rejectors") who are basically Persians. (Imagine that Europe erases 400 years from its history - the French Revolution, Socialism, WWI and II - and takes up the unfinished Catholic vs Protestant wars). 

 Their only issue with the Jews is that 1500 years ago the Jewish tribes of Mecca changed sides and fought against the Prophet Mohammad's tribe (the Quraysh) and followers. Quoting the Hadith (the early followers' remembrances of the Prophet), the Islamic State proclaims that:
"The Rāfidī “Mahdī” (the Messiah of the Rejector Sect) will speak in Hebrew, will rule by the
Torah, will be followed by the Jews, and kills the Arabs - especially Quraysh! Is this a description of the Mahdī (the Messiah) or the Dajjāl (False Messiah)? Consider that seventy thousand Jews from Asbahān (Isfahan of modern-day Iran) will follow the Dajjāl as in the hadīth).
"... it is expected that the Rāfidah will ally blatantly with the Jews in the future in their war against Islam and the Muslims. "

Now, the Middle East has formed itself in two warring camps - the Sunni (Islamic State) and the Shi'a (Iran). Israel occupies a marginal strip of formerly Muslim conquered land, like Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. and at the time being, the fighting parties are more interested in resolving by the sword their ancient theological dispute than deal with "small devils".  
We have a description of Dajjal: Allah's Apostle said. "While I was sleeping, I saw myself (in a dream) performing Tawaf around the Ka`ba. Behold, I saw a reddish-white man with lank hair, and water was dropping from his head. I asked, "Who is this?' They replied, 'The son of Mary.' Then I turned my face to see another man with a huge body, red complexion and curly hair and blind in one eye. His eye looked like a protruding out grape. They said (to me), He is Ad-Dajjal." (pic)

PS: For the Caliphate, the Alawi sect that rules central Syria, is Shi'a. Meaning that should they fall, their fate is the same of the Yazidis - men killed, women sold in the market. No wonder Assad is fighting so hard. Their only reliable allies are the Russians. They didn't let them down in their hour of necessity. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Amateur Ninja Sharpshooters

We have a long holiday here - Succot. The house is empty of children so there was no point in erecting a succah. We are going to the big daughter's succah. I am reading Islamic State literature. Their Dabiq is of amazing quality - one wonders how it is possible to edit and publish such seriously high quality product from the desert shithole of Raqqah. It is better written and laid out than comparable corporate magazines, including American universities. I have never seen comparable Arab magazines. The writers are obsessed with Islamic doctrinal disputes and always asking for validation by out-of-context quotes from the unintelligible Holy Quran. The illustrations are magnificent, but once more, they reveal the Sunni army's low technical capability. Just look at the pic above: the second ninja is holding the Kalashnikov from the magazine, and they are shooting target without the sights.  The furthest ninja adopts an unstable position and is about to fall. Those ugly un-military monochromatic long shirts are unsuited for desert combat, as are their tennis shoes. The desert is full off poisonous snakes and scorpions: tall closed artificial leather shoes are advisable. The Dabiq is unsigned but I'd be not surprised if there are Jews in the team, but I'm sure they have no Israeli advisers.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Explaining Merkel

The world received with astonishment Merkel's announcement that Germany will absorb 800,000 Syrian migrants this year. Weren't the Germans, only yesterday,  pure race fanatics? How is that don't faint at the sight of swarthy Muslims romancing their blonde daughters?

The answers: Germans were never really into race fanaticism, they happily married foreigners as they met them (Who knew that there are half a million African-Germans?).  Regarding Muslims, about five million of them are living for generations in Germany, so quietly that one never noticed them. Moreover, Europeans (and Americans) have grown up indoctrinated that mixed-race unions are normal and desirable. They find nothing in it.

If some antediluvian dinosaurs still visualize Germany as peopled by ethnic Germans, they should wake up. North Europeans make up less than 80% of the population and falling fast (In the States, they may be 30 - 40%). One million more Arabs will not reduce their  numbers, but will decrease their proportion from 80% to 79%. Once they settle down and start working, they too will become invisible. In fact, we are not talking about one million. They will bring their families and triple their numbers in two years. Pic.: "The Rhinemaidens warn Siegfried", by Arthur Rackham (1912)

There are millions of well paid unfilled jobs in Germany. The situation is so bad that in non-union marginal jobs, like home handymen and electricians, there are strong inflationary pressures. In the mainstream industrial sector, the unions are finding it evermore difficult to  control salary demands. In America the Government allowed a massive immigration that severely depressed American salaries. Germany too needs immigrants to compete with native manpower. A few million Arabs will shake, demoralize and humble the local work force.

Is this good for us the Jews? First, we cannot know how this will develop. Second, we are facing a historical movement of peoples, there is nothing we can do but watch and wonder the strong hand יד חזקה of God. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Am I a Senex?

Gentlemen of the Jury, I confess that The Zombies are my favorite, does it prove that I am an Alte Kacker, a stinking, senile old fart (in Latin, Senex)? The permanent anti-Me Home Coalition voted for yes and forced me to see the doctor. It has been five years I had no blood tests and saw no doctor. Everybody says you must once a year, so I went. The results are shocking!

Cholesterol 163.6 mg/dl, Triglycerides 230 mg/dl, Cholesterol LDL 78.7 mg/dl...  I felt I was a day away from that expected heart attack and thus the sad end of this blog. But worse was Ferretin at 494.0 ng/ml while it should be 22.0. And then, GPT = 51 U/L, which made the witches proclaim "The vodka is ruining your liver!". And then, Glucose = 114 mg/dl,  meaning Impaired Fasting Glucose - sentencing me to a life of hunger and injections. I crossed the threshold of the physician's office wondering if I had enough minutes left to write my Last Will ....

He studied my results on his AI computer program. Doctor, what is it? asked anxiously.  

Well, you are a healthy fat man.

But what about cholesterol?  Normal. Look at Ferretin, I said thriumphantly! I should have 22 and have 494! It is a wicked iron protein!  He said: 22 is the lowest value not the highest. But doctor, I said desperately, GPT indicates that my liver is kaputt! No, look at your results of the last twenty years, always the same number. But I am an incipient diabetic! You are "trom-trom", which in Hebrew means "before incipient." J, I give you no medicaments, you are healthy, keep doing what you are doing.

But doctor, I can't hold it stiff! Ah! he said, that is the worst! Your wife must be thinking you have a lover! I give you viagra and cialis, and if you feel like it, take double dose. That will make your life more interesting.

We Jews have just completed the ritual cycle of Yamim Noraim ("The terrible days") and the fast of Yom Kippur (Day of Repentance) which left me with a faint feeling that non-procreative sex was a sin. Now I have make sex on doctor's orders. Hmm.