Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Juan Cole Teaching Islam to the Caliphate

The Persecution of Christians by ISIS contradicts idea of a Caliphate  writes Prof. Juan Cole, the prominent antisemite American pundit. Apparently, the Islam as is differs from the lofty idea he has of the religion of his idolized Arabs.  The intolerant, fanatic, pure Islam as is being abundantly applied in Mosul makes him vomit, that is not the imagined Islam he used to know (those noble, pure desert knights implementing his passionate hate of the Jews...). So instead of accepting reality as it is and may be modify his wrong ideas, he chooses to reject reality and tries to teach the reborn Caliphate what "real" Islam is and should be. It is pathetic, even poignant. Fortunately for him, the Caliph does not leave his comments on his blog nor reads his books, as he is enjoying the crucifixion of the last Christians in Mosul.

Argentina Dancing with Default

The title is from the Wall Street Journal. In an extraordinary month, Argentina spent millions in public relations campaign trashing Judge Thomas Griesa (pic) and the American Justice, instead of negotiating the settlement of its debt. Its almost certain default will impoverish Argentina and destabilize the world finance system.

My feeling is that disorder is growing everywhere, although that mood may be result of the too long a war we are waging in Israel. The vision of Syria, as it is entering its third year of massacres, is not encouraging.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Thankless Hard Work

When a lady is pregnant, all her friends touch her stomach ad say "Congrats!".
But none of them come and touch the man ' s Penis and say "Well done!".
Moral: Hard work is never appreciated: Only result matters.

How Leaders Are Selected

Society selects its leaders by an instinct. First, the future leader has to demonstrate that he/she wants to be leader. How it is done?  By opposing the current leadership, showing its incompetence, rottennes, corruption, its sinful nature. Opposing the power is always risky and demands courage and the willingness to endure defamation, persecution and jail (and in our parts, torture and death). Second, the potential leader has to demonstrate staying power and perseverance, to live through a time in the "desert" of obscurity and humiliation, that will test his character. During this apparently endless mortification, he will template his iron will to power and reflect on his errors and opportunities lost, refine his philosophy and clarify his message. He will then emerge a mature, solid alternative with a simple message that will resonate with the masses. When ready, society will call him to assume the leadership. Ill. Rakosi.

Heroic Dog Soldiers

They are always the first in entering a tunnel. They are fearless. We leave no soldier behind.

P.S.: All Israeli internet sites (including this humble blog) are subject to concerted, intense hacker campaigns. For months a lowbrow troll was pestering us, to the point that K observed that we deserve a better kind of antisemite. Well, K's desire is beig fulfilled and the blog now receives more literate poison comments (that are deleted on arrival). But the comment that this poor dog has no soul because he is Jewish did hurt my sentiments. Why Islamists hate dogs?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nostalgy for Sinai

I just remembered the most beautiful place in Israel that was the City of Yamit built of white concrete on the crystal clear waters of the Eastern Mediterranean. I used to swim and fish on the Bardalaw lagoons, paradise lost. It was presented untouched to the beduins when Begin returned the Sinai. After that, no one ever heard of it again. Left. the memorial to the tank brigade that vanquished the Egyptian army and conquered the Sinai Peninsula. There was talk that it would be moved to Israel but it was abandoned to be profanated by the beduins.

Street fight in Tel Aviv

Yesterday evening there was an antiwar protest in Tel Aviv. My little daughter was there holding one of the banners (she is not in the pic) when they were attacked by angry rightists. Now, it is obvious that I disagree with peaceniks, but I am happy she is politically active. My other girls totally lack any interest in public-affairs, which I think is unbehooving for young people from good Jewish families. Ironically (if that is the word), the demonstration was disbanded because of an incoming  rocket attack from Gaza.

From the Comments: B appears to approve North Tel Aviv laflaf-bashing by the La Familia gang.

Ambacti taunts him:

B, have you ever participated in one of these Mizrahi chimpouts? Admit it, you feel more comfortable around the Ashkenazi peaceniks. If you showed up to one of these "right wing" protests, there is a non-trivial probability that La Familia would mistake you for a peacenik and bash your laflafi head in.

Truly, B, before joining the mess, you may wish to consider that for La Familia, jinji (ginger-head) bashing is a special threat. A "delicatess". They wouldnt miss it even for a free ticket to a Beitar match.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Would be Mothers for Zahal

It is well known that after wars, natality rises.

And more boys than girls are born.

I think it will happen in Israel too.

(pic from Facebook)

Back to Quarantine

When after three weeks on sea, the Conte Grande ship arrived to the port of Buenos Aires, there was talk on among the passengers (some 800 Hungarian refugees, incl. our small family) that we may not be allowed to land but sent to quarantine. Apparently someone on board was sick or something. Since then I never heard of quarantine nor leper colonies. The system may be revived because of ebola (pic.), a contagious incurable disease.
Reuters reports of "A hunt in Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, for a woman with Ebola who was forcibly removed from hospital by her relatives. Radio stations around the country are appealing for help to find the 32-year-old who is being described as a "risk to all". Meanwhile, Nigeria's health minister has confirmed that a Liberian man has died of Ebola in Lagos. He collapsed on arrival in Lagos and was taken from the airport and put in quarantine at a hospital in the Nigerian city."

Dammed Nation

Meanwhile, in the West young people are fighting other wars. The blog Dammed Nation describes a vital issue:
“Dams represent a pivotal part of US history – there’s no denying that. But just like any resource development, we took it too far,” Ben Knight said. Looking back at the thousands of dams that helped power the American West, one can’t help but ask, was it worth it? What did we lose?

"We lost a precious resource – the migratory fish ..."
How can they understand us in Israel?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Psywar in Gaza

Zahal asked through UNRHA to evacuate a school that was war zone. Something went wrong because the 800 refugees in the school were not alerted and were not evacuated. One bomb fell in the school's parking and 13 died. The remaining refugees attacked with stones the Red Cross and the Hamas soldiers that arrived. After three weeks of constant bombardment, the nerves are very frayed in the Strip. Electricity and water are available for short periods.

The Firefighting Business

Yesterday 0800 AM the Netanya Firefighter Station phoned me: "Boker Tov, J, your chicken farm project has been signed". I had designed the water supply, wastewater, drainage, etc. of the farm and got it approved by the health, environment, etc. regulators, but I refused to deal with the fire people. My past experience with them had been horrible, their rules changed from day to day and demanded expensive equipment such as total sprinkler coverage, large water tanks, diesel generators, fuel tanks, etc. that were out of the reach of the average urban business. I had solved safe escape route problems with "accordion" stairs to the roof and double walls, but each time it was a "Via Dolorosa".

The chicken people insisted so I submitted a design that - as expected - was rejected. They didnt like the panelling: it was not fireproof enough. I changed to wire net and the next morning, the surprise call. Did the fire and emergency regulatory environment improve so much? The Service had been transferred to Homeland Defense, their budget was doubled, received modern equipment and their salaries - already high - were increased. They also published detailed regulations making it easier to negotiate with them. May be they were experiencing the euphoria of feeling important and being called every minute to bombed sites. If the change is for real, I'll start accepting firefighting projects that are more challenging than plain water supply. Ill.: A restaurant fire fed by forced ventilation.

Gaza War as Distraction

Just three weeks ago, before the current Gaza war, Hamas was about to fall from power. It was unable to pay government  employees (pic), and it had been forced to form a coalition with its rival Fatah. The Jerusalem kidnapping incident presented an opportunity to escape its predicament through war.

After three weeks of war, Gaza's population is desperate and angry. Palestinians do love their children and dont enjoy their being employed by Hamas as human shields. They are unarmed captives of their cruel rulers. If the pressure is kept up, we shall arrive to the tipping point where they will rebel against their capturers. I gather that the population is turning unfriendly and hostile towards Hamas and its activists prefer not to be seen in the streets in these days.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grenade stops Kalashnikov bullet

A bullet fired by a Kalashnikov hit the grenade on the soldier's chest. The grenade did not explode and soldier was unharmed. The improbable happens.

Arnold Kling and Detroit Water Incentives

I like Arnold Kling (Askblog) analysis of Gaza warfare tactics. How would it work on Detroit Water situation? A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to pay off Detroit poor's water debts, and to provide water to babies and miscellaneous innocent victims. What behaviour will reinforce this incentive? Is it the right thing to do? Is it ethical?

Taking prisioners

I'm not yet paranoid enough to say that Zahal follows this blog but the fact is that last night started the collection of prisioners in Gaza. It was my idea, two weeks ago when the war started I wrote that we should take one thousand Hamasniks, and then let Hamas proclaim their liberation as victory. This early morning picture shows last night's harvest of about 500 jetons (casino money).

Managing Incentives in Warfare

 Arnold Kling examines Israel's dilemma in Askblog. I presume the solution of the dilemma is better technology. The pinpoint shooting of terrorists from drones is a good example, although it was neutralized by hiding underground. We should had developed tunnel-crawling killer robots too. Next time.

Illustration: Left - The American Air Force (!) counter tunnel research program; Right - A prototype developed by an American university. American blogs are so defeatists, they all lament America's decay, but each time I look closely to a specialized area, the world is in the dark and the only light is in America. Only America has thought seriously about tunnel fighting, there is nothing anywhere else. It is the same in water treatment membranes, something I know more about: there is Dow Chemicals and then, years behind, two little known Japanese firms. Europe barely exists.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

After Two Weeks in Gaza

Two weeks of operation in the Gaza Strip and the Hamas is still fighting and firing missiles. Zahal is clearing the Eastern neighborhoods of Gaza City where the tunnels reaching inside Israel are situated, but it does not attack the densely populated downtown. The fact that Hamas leadership is in Qatar and their families are safe in Europe seems to be the expected (and accepted) behaviour for Palestinian leaders. Pic.: A tunnel.

The Dangers of Sex

Since here in Kever Benjamin we are exposed daily to the very real danger of a 5 kg TNT missile falling from the sky, lets talk about the no less horrible dangers faced by Africans making sex. According to myzimbabwe.co.zw, Zim sperm is being exported to South Africa where there is high demand by sangomas that use it their rituals. The 250ml bottles of sperm sell for between US$25 and US$30. Talk of the sperm reapers send shivers down the spines of men whose condoms disappeared after sex with prostitutes. One man was drugged by a hooker before being forced into repeated sex for the purpose of taking his sperm. The sperm harvesting craze had also spread to married women who are forcing their husbands to use protection during sex so that they could collect their sperm and sell it. There are rumors of "male sex slaves" kept for their sperm yield.

The same source reports increasing number of couples being stuck together during sex, some for seven-eight hours, requiring intervention to be separated. And if that is not enough, there are "sightings" of vagina dentata (undocumented, because those mutilated are keeping the secret), that is causing a veritable impotency epidemy in South Africa.