Monday, March 30, 2015

How many Jews?

I spent an hour writing a post on the subject, but it got erased. I dont know how. Pew estimate of American Jews is ludicrous: it creates twenty or so traits of the Jews, and allows you to draw up the list of characteristics that define a Jew, and then the computer calculates how many such individuals live in America. One can define a Jew that has no Jewish parents, no Jewish education and does not identify itself as a Jew, and calculate the number of such "Jews". By this method one can easily reach the conclusion that there are twenty million Jews living in America.

I started with a basic population of 5 million in 1970, two generations ago, when the profile of a Jew was solid. Given the negative vegetative growth rate (average in the last 50 years = - 1% p.a.) , we must have about 3 million Jews in 2015. They originate 25,000 Jewish births per year, a third in the Haredi community. No more than 12,000 young Jews start higher education each year, so Jews make up 0.2% of the 21,000,000 American student body. (Graph: 1.8% should make 378,000 Jews, a phantasy). The real numerical weakness of the Jews is so pronounced that discrimination and persecution is guaranteed. So small a minority cannot mount an effective defensive campaign against antisemite actions, and even less against borderline issues like the BDO movement.

I compared this situation with Hungary today, where there is strong antisemitism without Jewish targets, so they compile lists that include dead Jews, Protestant churchmen who speak out against antisemitism, and anyone with a "Jewish" sounding name (90% of them are ethnic Germans) or politicians suspected of crypto-conspiratorial links with Soros (see the complete list here. Is that all what remains of the million-strong Hungarian Jewry?). 

How to Bury Your Parents, Relatives, Tribe, People.

Dow Marmur's autobiography, Six Lives, rescued from the University's recycling shredders. Born in 1935 in Sosnowiec, Poland. I can identify with the writer growing up as a talented Jewish boy in Uzbekistan and Stockholm. At age five or six he was fluent in yiddish (spoken at home), Polish, Hebrew and had learnt Russian and Uzbek languages, and he was paid to assist a Jewish refugee doctor to communicate with his Uzbek patients. After the exile in Siberia (which saved their lives) they moved to Sweden, where he became a star school debater and second place in the national public speaking competition (four years before he spoke not a word of Swedish).

The rest of the book is about his career as Reform rabbi with focus on the inner intrigues of the international Reform leadership.

Dow Marmur has only bad things to say of his parents and of Jewish Poland before the war. His parents did not love each other and bickered non-stop as penniless refugees in three continents, Dow had never seen them smiling or enjoying a moment of relaxation: they were Jewish but did not keep the festivities (yet describes them cheerlessly celebrating Pessach) and believed in nothing: they never read a book or an European newspaper, and so. The minds of the folk in the village were filled with idiotic notions of aristocracy, they felt themselves culturally superior to the Jews of the next godforgotten shtetl although seldom went to a cinema or theater.

Most of all, they had no idea in what world they were living, and they were stupid (sic). When Poland was divided, the family was caught in the Russian area and like many Polish Jews, they asked for permits to move to the German side. Many who had emigrated to Palestine or Western Europe returned to German occupied Poland in the hope of a better life. Dow says that his parent's utter stupidity saved them (and him), because the Russian Secret service suspected their Zionism so they were deported to Siberia. They were members of the Poaley Agudath Israel - an ultra-Ortodox Zionist movement with collectivist-Communist leanings.

In short, Dow coming from a Haredi/strictly Orthodox Agudah home ended as a top Reform leader, whose explicit purpose was to provide Jews with a fake-religion acceptable to their suspicious Protestant neighbors and business partners. Within this framework, his odium against his parents is totally hypochrite and artfully designed to explain (to his conscience, mostly) his betrayal. Reform Judaism was a very bad mistake, it has paved the road for the assimilation of American Jewish masses and their biological extintion. Dow should have stuck to the modest Agudah circles (pic) and reject the applause of the yellow-haired goyim. The book is very well written, clear and concise; as a person, he seems good, decent, civilized. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Potash: Crying for the profits I missed

About a year ago I wrote about the Danakhil desert potash resources and the Allana Potash Corp.  startup organized to exploit it. I was definitely hypnotized by Allana's potential, but I was afraid/slow to put actual money on the table. Allana's shares jumped 45% to 48 cents Friday, following the announcement that the company is the target of a $137 million takeover offer from  Israel Chemicals Ltd. Did I learn something? That only those who dare win. Slow, fat, fearful investors will always be crying for the profits they missed. 

Obama's "Arab Spring" spreads

“We have made no decision to participate in this war. We didn’t make any promise. We have not promised any military support to the Saudi-led coalition against Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen,” he said while speaking in the  National Assembly of Pakistan.
I'm prejudiced and think that truth is exactly the opposite of anything a Middle East politician says in public. On this quiet Shabbath in Kever Benjamin, Israel, Saudi warplanes are bombing Yemen and a coalition of five conservative Sunni regimes are preparing a land invasion of that country. If Pakistan joins the conflict, then the Arab Spring provoked by Obama's irresponsible Middle East policy will turn into a mini-world war. Pakistan is a nuclear power. Also Turkey is restless over Iran's aggressive effort to extend its influence, is a member of NATO and stores nukes in its bases.

In a way, it was expectable that America led by a Chicago slum agitator would lead to general chaos. If I had time, I would look back to see if some prophet predicted this result when Obama made his famous speech in Cairo. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

The New Era of Restricted Scientific Research

The central international political issue of my lifetime was and is the restriction of nuclear proliferation. The negotiations between the USA and the Soviet Union about intercontinental missiles, the MIRV and the frightening issue of nuclear dissuasion lasted about twenty years an they have been concluded peacefully. Even the breaking up of the Soviet Union was concluded with the demilitarization of the splinter states (like the 50 million strong Ukraine)  instead of proliferation. Thus it appears that the thing is feasible: nuclear war can be avoided through negotiation. 

The center of gravity of the effort to restrict nuclear proliferation has moved to Iran and it is currently negotiated in Switzerland. What is new is that the moratorium will include, first time in human history, the restriction of a sovereign nation to conduct scientific research (in this case, in uranium enrichment). "There has been massive progress on all the issues," a senior Iranian official told Reuters. "There are still disputes over two issues - R&D (research and development) and UN sanctions."

This will be the first time that the international community imposes rules to conduct research. From here the road is open to regulate genetic research to create new lifeforms and new human types,  research toward new addictive or enhancing molecules, effective life-prolonging drugs, and so. One could even envisage a world where IQ research and human bio-diversity research is forbidden and unpublishable. Other evolving taboo areas touch national and religious myths. It is known that Japan does not encourage studying the formation of its supposedly racially homogeneous population, and of course, scholars researching the life of Muhammad and the Quran work in the clandestinity under fake names. All is leading to a new world, of centrally imposed ignorance.

As usual, I also believe the opposite of what I just wrote above. We started eating from the fruit of tree of forbidden knowledge already there in the Garden of Eden, and it is now too late to repent or stop.  That story is 5000 years at least, so it cannot be said that this is a "new" world.  Fuck, why cant I have a clear, solid, consistent, firm opinion on anything? 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Who dares, wins

I received a "personal call" from Netaniyahu, thanking me for voting for him. It took me five second to understand that it was a recorded message, I may have been expecting his call. Chances are that all Palestinian subscribers also received his thanks. 

Netaniyahu's bold campaign against Iran's nuclear ambitions (and Iran's patron, Obama) is succeeding above all expectations. Today, Turkey's master Erdogan joined the war train. "Iran is trying to dominate the region," Erdogan said. "Could this be allowed? This has begun annoying us, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. This is really not tolerable and Iran has to see this." 

Wild Oats

Wild oats as seen from my daughter's window in Kibbutz Dahlia.

My large house is empty. Even my Litwische neighbor's home is silent - he is in hospital and his dog stopped barking. They took down the nameplates so the moloch ha-moyved may not find him, as "There is no man who lives and, seeing the angel of death, can deliver his soul from his hand."

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Houthees

They (pic) are the new owners of Yemen, manning my favourite weapon, the 23mm antiaircraft gun, aka "the Singer Sewing Machine". Contains no additives or colorants,  100% free range, it has not one drop of electronics in it. No animals were harmed in its development, only humans. Feels good, versatile up to 1500 meters. They are facing their Saudi homologues across the border. One shot at a ship carrying oil, and Egypt, Saudia et allii will be there. Et allii translates Obama in pig Latin.

Next morning update: The Saudi Royal Air Force is bombing Sanaa. بفضل الله the Arabs will never unite and they will always fight each other.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Difficulties Ahead

It was coming. After Netaniyahu took a hard position against Obama's efforts to reach a temporary agreement with Iran (after 2025 Iran would legally become a nuclear power), lobbying in the Congress against the President, Obama poured money and experts into the campaign to change the government in Israel. He failed spectacularly. The first signs of  his angry vengeance are already visible. The press: 
"The White House on Monday bluntly warned Israel that its "occupation of Palestinian land" must end, dismissing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's efforts to take back controversial campaign pledges
In unusually tough language that underscores the fracture in relations between Washington and Israel, AFP reported, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said "an occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end."
In a first analysis of the situation, I'd say Netaniyahu has an excellent knowledge of American politics and is way smarter than Obama.  And he is courageous. There are several war situations these days: Ukraine/Russia, China/Japan, ISIS in Northern Syria and Iraq/Iran and the Shia. Any one of them could suddenly/spontaneously get out of control.

Monday, March 23, 2015

No more Famine in Israel

In the month before elections, famine was killing Israeli children (pic). I was receiving five or six phone calls and sms inviting me to donate to feed hungry children and families. Since I never gave, my name cannot be on the potential donors lists. But from the day of the elections - zero calls. Suddenly the food security situation has improved.  Thanks to Netaniyahu...

Those calls were part of a clever campaign to induce a feeling of anxiety and crisis, that the situation is terrible and people with a  heart must vote for "Change". I didnt work for me. I wonder what they did with the money they collected (from others).

A heartening effect of the elections is the jump in the stock exchange. I have made up all my losses in the fertilizer market. The situation will go on improving because the interest rate on deposits is negative and all that risk hating savers are moving out of  interest-bearing bank deposits into the stock market. This money migration will acquire momentum and the TASE may double in six months. The sole alternative investment is real estate, but the prices are very high.