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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Börse Frankfurt Sentimentanalyse: Es wird ungemütlich für die Bären

Paradoxically, those dour unsentimental German bankers love analysing the sentiments of their Burse. Today's mail deals on the bears's feelings. I too wonder how those Black Forest's bears are feeling when waiting for Deutsche Bank's Herr Pierre De Wreck to take his morning paper from the silver tray.


  1. Is he this one?
    "Pierre de Weck
    Head of Private Wealth Management"

    those dour unsentimental German bankers????
    They managed to waste the resources extracted from the german etnical group - which didn't well manage to survive through this by the way. I'd rather say " those dumb unimaginative gang". They managed to show the long deceased military caste and those lousy moderates - the kaizer and adolf - how to throughly destroy the country. And waste it's resources and people.

    Now they are trying to somehow cover the tracks with all too big to fail talk.
    Like mr Weck where are the pensions and investments?
    Well ummmmm we somehow managed to lose them. But don't worry will print some money and put it back.
    ( like printing , loaning the paper to greeks , so that the greeks can pay back the paper to mr weck and this ilk.)
    Problem is that the real wealth generation capital investments are not there, as they were not made in the first place. Those "dour unsentimental German bankers" pumped the resources in abandoned apartments on spanish fields - 3!!!! million of them and greek treasury bonds etc etc. I'd describe them as absolutely retarded or extremly wicked and vicious not unsentimental. Or a combination of both, as truth is generally somewhere in between. Like stupid and greedy. And that's all. Of course they look pretty serious and professional in pictures. But professional results are simply missing or even worse.

  2. German bankers must have a sentimental vein since they love to analyse the bourse's sentiments.


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