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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What happens if you eat rotten meat?


Yesterday I was hungry and bought some smoked meat that ate on the way home. It was too soft and warm (it came out from a display refrigerator) but felt nothing. At home threw a bone and some meat into the trash can. Next morning, wife reports that it was covered by maggots or worms. 

It is too hot in Israel. The refrigerated food chain is breaking down yet people seems healthy. The theory that early humans fed on half decomposed carcasses left over by lions and hyennas in the African savannah may be true. We will eat anything. Our physical make up and capabilities betray what we really are.


  1. Anonymous1:11 PM

    It's the bacteria in putrefying meat that will send you to the hospital. The maggots, though disgusting, won't harm you, but they are a signal that the meat is not good.

  2. Which patogenic bacteria grows on decomposing meat?

  3. Anonymous4:55 AM

    For your reading pleaure:

    Meat Spoilage

  4. Thanks, it is very instructive. "The microbes may also infect the person eating the meat, although against this the microflora of the human gut is normally an effective barrier." Apparently, my personal gut microflora (that I carefully cultivate and feed each day) protects me against those bad fellows from the rotten meat. It is good to exercise them once and again.

  5. Anonymous6:25 AM

    But the microflora is not always effective protection, and the spoiling meat smells and tastes unpleasant. It is not worthy of consumption.

  6. I am not advising to eat rotten meat. I am saying that it is not dangerous.

    Fresh meat is always left to mature one or two days to improve digestibility.


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