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Monday, December 03, 2012

Save me from the workers of iniquity

The world has recognized the State of Palestine and rejected the legitimacy of all the Jews born, living and working in Samaria and Judea. Led by the British Government, they are debating the ways to punish Israel in a way that will not look too clearly antisemite. Tutu is praying for us to go the way of Rhodesia and South Africa.  


  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    But isn't that merely symbolic, at the end of the day an empty gesture where nothing changes on the ground?

    p.s. where is your after election post on why so many American Jews voted for the left, even tho they live de facto conservative lives?

    That's a big mystery in the whole alt right blogosphere, maybe you can shed some light on it...

  2. Cremieux8:26 PM

    We need another Adolphe Cremieux to save the jewish people.

  3. Yes, but:

    Whatever happens, we have got
    The atom bomb (or maybe not.)

  4. Anonymous-

    Those Jews who live conservative lives are mostly Orthodox and voted for the Right. Those who live conservative lives in the same sense as the white people who live in the suburbs of Seattle and D.C. mostly voted the same way they did, i.e., for the Left. Figure out why Presbyterian whitey who lives in a $300K house in North Seattle, drives a Prius and writes code for a living votes for O, and you'll know why his Reform Jewish counterpart does.

  5. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Presbyterians who are married white men still vote Republican, maybe 70%. When they say that some white people vote Democrat , it is mostly women, especially single women. If only white married men voted, we'd have only Republican presidents. Even 40% of married Jewish men vote Republican.

    There is also skewed by education - the uneducated and the very educated (graduate degree) vote Democrat. Bachelor's degree - Republican.


  6. Anonymous12:54 AM

    The British foreign office summoned the Israeli ambassador and gave him a really stern talking to. As if we really give a sh_t what the English think.


  7. Cremieux2:47 AM

    There is rumors that Obama is co-operating with the Iranian nuclear program, there is alot of people in America that would like to see israel gone for good.

  8. Cremieux3:01 AM

    I just found this:

    Take with a grain of salt.

  9. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Rhodesia and South Africa would not have gone the way of Rhodesia and South Africa if Israel had mobilized American Jewish opinion on our behalf. With a bit of support, a much more sensible arrangement could have been negotiated.

    Now, you have very, very few friends in the world. Fewer than might otherwise have been the case.

    Pandering to the Left is not an intelligent survival strategy for Israel, nor for Jews anywhere in fact. You have gained nothing from it. You never will.

    Likewise, pandering to Obama and the anti-white MultiKult will backfire on you; is in fact already backfiring on you. It was a catastrophic error of judgement to enable the re-election of Obama; and also, not to oppose the complete disenfranchisement of whites in Southern Africa; and not to strongly oppose Third World immigration into Europe. This is a simple, unvarnished truth.

    I completely understand that Jews do not vote homogenously, and that some of you have woken up (even more than most of us), and that our own troubles are our own fault. But I speak of how the bulk of Jewish opinion and influence have not, over the last 30 years, been mobilized even in your own long term interests, let alone ours.


  10. Amalek6:51 AM

    SA should have kept its nukes and created their own Afrikaner lobby in Washington.

  11. Anon,

    The Israelis in the 70s and 80s were more concerned with keeping the American military aid flowing to secure themselves against their Soviet-backed enemies than they were with the fortunes of Afrikaners. In Russian camps, this phenomenon was called "you can die today so I'll die tomorrow."

    As for the rest-look, the world's democracies are vassals of the American one, miniature copies integrated into its system. Think of it as the Delian League. And what is the American system? Among other things, it involves intelligence testing for all from an early age. The smarter you are, the higher the "rewards," which consist of more and more induction into the ideology of the upper class. Eventually, you get a scholarship to a good school (after, of course, demonstrating through volunteer activities, recommendations and an admissions paper that you've properly internalized Goodthink," where you spend 4-8 years getting weapons-grade agitprop uploaded. Now you've got a prestigious job, from which of course you can be instantly fired and blacklisted from working in the field if you express Crimethink. You live in a nice, fashionable neighborhood where all your friends and neighbors, regardless of their ethnic background, have been polished by the same process over 2 decades or more, as has your spouse. The kids go to a nice school, where of course any Crimespeak will end their chances of following in your successful footsteps and maybe even bring medical intervention (read: amphetamines/SSRIs/G-d knows what else, delivered every day for the rest of their lives.)

    In this setup, the most adaptive response is to completely internalize Goodthink, so you can't even accidentally betray yourself. So most upper-middle class people do.

    The flip side of all this is that the upper class has a mechanism constantly acting to identify potential high-IQ threats from a very young age and pull them up into the elite servant classes. The proles get left alone, like in 1984, because what they think doesn't matter. The smarter you are, the heavier you are bombarded with agitprop and the more incentivized to internalize it. Potential class enemies are fragmented in exact proportion to the risk they pose by their intelligence, cohesion and initiative. The Jews, of course, get top priority-a standard deviation in average IQ makes all the difference. It's a brilliant system, props to Dewey, Lippmann and the Fabians. The gerousia would have eaten their hearts out.

  12. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Yes, but there is a long-term cost, which might in the extreme case amount to unsustainability.

    It is not only the Doomsday Preppers who think we are headed that way.


  13. All nations make a large effort to identify early all children with potential and try to integrate them into the system. I dont think it is bad. There is a constant need and scarcity of capable people everywhere. I have been there and done that, but the rewards are not worth it.

  14. All nations do this now. 150 years ago they didn't. Even 50 years ago, an intelligent man born in a non-metropolitan community had a very good chance of staying there until his death and contributing to his family and neighbors while maintaining the communal worldview (see: the Bell Curve re: patterns and trends.) Now he is more likely to be pulled out to be an elite servant in a metropolis. This system is something new, invented by Fabian socialists. Its demise lies in its unnatural and dysgenic nature.

  15. I believe that US could easily get a no vote.
    South Africa desired such an outcome but they were not worthy of it.
    They tried to get the Bantustans recognized as independent states, or at least as states or something.
    This recognition precludes any legal attempt to get a one state solution.
    That means RSA or Rhodesia.
    Like this Israel is secured. Keeps the land and has all legal means to avoid getting the inhabitants the right to vote.
    And western friends can claim a high moral ground. Everything can be of course blamed on the savage natives.
    A negative vote was to be avoided. That meant a South African future was a distinct possibility. That is why RSA did everything possible to obtain some sort of recognition for its Cisjordans but got none.
    Israel is much safer now then it was before. It is a huge step for the country. It makes the Jewish majority of the electorate secure for a very long time, maybe for ever.
    A great step was made.

  16. Anonymous2:31 PM

    The Chinese have been testing for elites for 1000+ years. This is one reason they have taken to the SAT thing like white on rice.


  17. Anonymous7:54 PM

    "Its demise lies in its unnatural and dysgenic nature."

    The Chinese kept the similar Imperial Examination system going for a long time - many centuries. By the way, relevant to J's post on the level of judge's technical understanding, that system also emphasized study of the classics rather than math. Some believe that this is one reason why China missed the industrial revolution.


  18. The Chinese did not punish their mandarins with an idiotic gnostic philosophy that made them forgo having children, and they didn't "liberate" their women into barren bitter sluts. And even then it didn't work out all that well in the end.

  19. Why "gnostic"? those barren bitter sluts (well said) know nothing of gnosticism.

  20. They don't need to know. One of the key characteristics of gnosticism is that the erev rav, the great unwashed, only get the freeware version and very basic guidelines. They do know, though, that society is progressing, that humans are bad for the environment, that the West causes suffering in African children, that more babies=pollution and overpopulation, that the ultimate good is less suffering, etc., etc.

    Their philosophy is basically an anti-life one, and really would be no different if they were told there was an evil Demiurge controlling the universe while G-d sleeps and that our good pure souls are trapped in this evil dark torture chamber of a world, that having children perpetuates this cycle of suffering and all of that shit.

  21. Anonymous7:45 AM

    They do know, though, that society is progressing, that humans are bad for the environment, that the West causes suffering in African children, that more babies=pollution and overpopulation

    I don't many of them care deeply about any of that. Most of them just don't want to be poor or set their children up to be poor.

  22. And what is poverty by their standard? It's a standard of living that was seldom attained by the top 1% of societies throughout history in terms of nutrition, medical care, living space, transportation, etc. And why are they so afraid of this? Because they've been taught that poverty=suffering, and avoidance of suffering is the highest goal, and not bringing new souls into existence to suffer is the good and responsible thing to do. See? Gnosticism.

  23. Gnosticism is not avoidance of pain, that is Buddhism.

    Gnostic means "intellectual" and it is a semi-cryptic, esoteric, interpretation of why "evil" exists in this world. While Christianism is quite optimistic, gnostics are not sure if Hell is here or there is a more hellish Hell over there.

  24. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I'm with the Gnostics - who needs Hell in the world to come when we have Auschwitz and the killing fields of Cambodia right here. Whatever Hell you could imagine could not be any worse.


  25. Gnostic means "knowing". My understanding of gnosticism comes from Gumilev Jr. who shows how the same recurring thought pattern occurs in gnosticism, Manicheanism, the Christian and Jewish gnostics, the Albigensian Heresy, the Fatimid and Assassin Shi'a, etc.

  26. B , I think you have a too intellectual approach about modern people and ??? gnosticism.
    They are not such a thing.
    Hedonists maybe , but they would not recognize the term.
    In urban society having children is quite hard. I am presently engaged in the activity of raising kids and it is pretty difficult.
    I have noticed also something apparently minute but with great impact. People try to keep up with each other by buying expensive stuff for their children. Phones , brand name clothes etc.
    It has become a necessity for the majority of middle class people.
    Due to this kids become prohibitive.
    They are not Gnostic. They adore matter. Adore objects. Are willing to sacrifice their own blood and flesh - birth control comes to mind -, to deny their potential kids the right to live and breath for.... branded textiles and shoes.
    We can talk about it but it is definitely not gnosticism.
    I'd rather say is pure imbecility but I am open to different opinions.

  27. There's an intellectual elite which exactly resembles a priesthood, with a set of ideas which are generally implicit and not expressed outright in one book. Still, these ideas are clearly religious in nature, and map nicely to gnosticism. The fact that most of the great unwashed don't think about these ideas means nothing-they're generally accepted as priors.

  28. For instance: here's Jim Kalb's friend talking about modern art, its purpose and effect:

    Now, your average person of even a fairly high IQ never consciously thinks about the art and architecture surrounding him, or what it implies about man, this universe and the Almighty. But his soul is perceiving it and constantly affected. Is this accidental? Then you'd expect to see some accidental beauty in modern art and architecture. But, no.

  29. Finally: what KIND of objects do they adore? Objects that are objectively beautiful and harmonious? Or objects whose main value lies in the fact that OTHERS adore them, because they are incessantly told to do so from the cradle to the grave by the media and universities? To ask the question is to answer it. And why do the media and universities all have the same tastes? Because there is an intellectual priesthood empowered with foundation money coordinating them.

  30. I bow before your wisdom.

    We have to decrease numbers. The pressure our specie exerts on the natural resources is too high.
    The alternative to all this might be a natural way of solving things.
    War, famine , hyper mortality etc.
    I am afraid we will not be able to avoid that outcome.
    I prefer this methods. It is much easier to avoid a cultural aggression then to dodge a bullet.
    The alternative that we will kill each other like caged rats - what J's neighbors will do pretty soon - is quite unpleasant.
    By the way in Israel also problems will appear pretty soon. A tidal wave of youngsters will have to be absorbed. How will that be possible in such a tiny area remains to be seen.
    Of course Israelis can not do anything to stop a high birth rate. It would condemn their descendants to death or exile if their numbers will be low. So much better to have many so that they have a fighting chance due to numbers.
    Demographics does not lie. South Asia will blow up. We can not identify exactly the order but India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines will blow. In Egypt no solution seems possible. And of course the huge migration wave from Africa will come pretty soon. If they will be met with open doors or guarded borders we do not know. If they will not be able to migrate North.... well many will die.
    I wrote so extensively in order to make a point. That even if a decrease of fertility was intentional it was necessary and it was too little too late - in my opinion of course.

  31. Humans who can think for themselves or at least work well are an asset, not a liability.

    Falling fertility is a symptom and byproduct of a wordview stripped of sense and meaning, not its desired outcome, I think.

  32. Hard to say. Connected to tragedy of the commons.
    What is good for me becomes bad if many others start doing the same.
    We lived in an increasing world for 3 centuries. Now that we are again reaching the limits it becomes quite unpleasant morally to accept that we are returning to a zero sum game.
    So the fact that others do not have children might seem theoretically wrong but their kids would be the competitors of yours.
    For some to breed others have to stop breeding.
    So at a personal level I can not see any reasons to cry if some people are trying to make the world a much pleasant place to live for my children. Though I might cry of sorrow because I believe they are not succeeding.
    We are past the point where we could do anything about it. Demographic momentum is so huge that we will hit a wall.

  33. There is no tragedy of the commons when a responsible government is involved.

    Global population has been increasing since prehistory, and there is no fixed carrying capacity. Productivity and carrying capacity increase with technological improvement. This is a positive-sum game. The wall continually recedes.

    In Israel, it is obvious that there is room for many, many more people. There are vast sparsely populated places, and the populated ones aren't very densely populated by, say, Tokyo standards.

  34. Carrying capacity increase with net energy increase. No increase and population growth => you hit the wall.
    When decrease starts - we are there or very very close - then all bets are off.
    Precisely what is happening now.
    Japan is a good example. It is the legendary canary in the mine. It is already suffocating. Very interesting case study it is.
    As the global net energy available decreases over populated manufactorias like Japan become unsustainable. So they either starve or emigrate. I would bet on the first possibility. An Egyptian scenario.

  35. Anonymous9:55 PM

    The Japanese are very far from starvation at the moment and their population is falling. They are clever and resourceful people and will figure something out. Haitians - not so much.


  36. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Why would you want to live in a place as crowded as Tokyo? And considering the people that you have in mind to fill those empty spaces, I expect life there to be much worse than among the orderly Japanese.

    Technological improvement can increase carrying capacity as you point out, but there is no guarantee that there near-future improvements will be on the scale wrought by Haber and Borlaug. And Teo points out that we have energy supply issues that hamper carrying capacity. Things probably won't go as smoothly as you imagine.


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