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Friday, February 01, 2013

Hyde Park on the Hudson

We went to the movie club and saw Hyde Park on the Hudson, about the open house maintained by President Roosevelt one weekend before the war. Roosevelt comes through as a manipulative bastard, bringing her cousin Daisy into his polygamist household. King George (pic) comes through as an almost likeable retard. The background is Great Britain facing alone Nazi Europe, begging to unwilling  America to come and save them. Roosevelt - in the movie - promises to convince the American public.

As we know, the turning point was the Japanese "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor. Many versions circulate that the attack was provoked, or at least, not prevented. Even the CIA's site confirms this thesis:
Histories of the so-called US “intelligence failure” that preceded the attack on Pearl Harbor must now incorporate findings that the Kuomintang SIGINT effort had decrypted enciphered Japanese messages indicating the likelihood of the attack and that those details were passed to the United States by the Nationalist defense attaché in Washington on Chiang Kai-shek’s direct orders.
Source:   pg 41


  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I saw the movie and thought that it was terrible and did not represent reality in any way. It was a 2013 politically correct vision of what 1939 was like. For example, they have Roosevelt the cripple sitting in a chair to greet the king. Roosevelt was always very careful to appear in public standing up. He was in fact crippled but he had perfected a very effective way of disguising this. He wore heavy braces on his legs that locked the knees in place and a strong person next to him (usually one of his sons, who were ever present but are disappeared from the movie) would hold him up by the armpit on one side and on the other side he had a cane. He could even "walk" in this fashion. Walking like this was apparently excruciating but Roosevelt would grin as he was doing this as if he was having the most wonderful time. There are hundreds of pictures of him this way but almost none of him in a wheelchair. One of the few that do exist was taken by Daisy for her private collection but the press was strictly forbidden to show him in this way.

    Here is what the gang really looked like:

    From L to R, Q, K, R, R's son, mama, Eleanor.

    The only one that they got right was R's mother.

    My mother in law remembers the visit. The thing that stuck in public's mind was the hot dogs. Roosevelt was a patrician himself but he served hot dogs to the king to show what a regular American guy he was who did not put on airs even to royalty. Roosevelt was a master manipulator of his public image - almost as good as Obama. My wife just told me that Michelle shops at Target (a discount store) and she sincerely believes that this is true.

    Daisy is also made to appear from much more humble origins than she actually was. It's true that by the '30s the money had run out but the house that she lived in was not a humble shack as in the movie but a grand mansion that her parents built which is today a museum. Daisy lived in it until she died at age 100+. Because there was no money the house was never renovated or even painted so it became a living time capsule of life in 1900.


  2. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I don't buy into the conspiracy theories. In retrospect, there was plenty of evidence of the 9/11 attack in the intelligence files also. People have a way of believing what they want to believe , which is usually the conventional wisdom, and ignoring all evidence to the contrary. Because if you didn't you'd have to do something about it and that's very hard. Much easier to go on about your business as usual.

    "Intelligence" is a misnomer, at least in the US version of it. Any government is flooded with all sorts of information and the trick is making sense of it and figuring out which information is really important and how you should respond to it. Having a cable in the possession of some low level person in the intelligence apparatus is merely step 1 out of many. The logical extreme was the Stasi (Germans are always good at taking things too far) where they had buildings and buildings full of files on every citizen - no one could make sense of such mountains of information.


  3. I cant travel back to those times but Roosevelt exploited very well Pearl Harbor to make American fight - the Japanese. There were many things that could go wrong. I read the literary description of the White House in those times by Gore Vidal, and he too thinks it was no accident.

  4. That the Nationalists were able to read Japanese code strikes me as amazing. They couldnt read the Communists but they could the Japanese?

  5. I've just met a former soldier that lived in California but was forced to move to rural New Mexico because of "diversity" moved close to his family... Listening to his story and how a beatiful place was ruined with gangs was very sad... I can't imagine his anger.

  6. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Vidal was a good writer but he was very bitter and cynical and deep down hated America. I wouldn't trust a word he wrote.


  7. In the Israel Shahak book about Jewish Story there is a Gore Vidal introduction that he says that JFK told him that Truman was only elected President because jews gave him million of dollars so he could recognise Israel.

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