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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Parana River Wave Advancing

The high catchment basin of the Parana river in Brazil has been receiving exceptionally large rainfalls. The Port of Iguazu was closed when the river reached 31 meter (normally is 13 m) with a flow of 39,000 cubic meters per second (140 million cu m per day). The wave is advancing downriver and neighborhoods in the City of Corrientes are already under water. The wave is expected to reach the densely settled mid section of the river around 4th of July. We used to go fishing dorados in the Alto Parana and to catch delicious frogs. Pic. Iguazu Falls, Argentina. 80% of the children in the Province of Corrientes never finished elementary school yet I never felt a difference.

I arrived from Buenos Aires and Eng. Ricardo Canonero (who was then the Minister) interviewed and hired me in his office, which was the Station Master's  (the Railway Station was built by the British in the Victorian style - see pic. It had been abandoned when the British left and recycled as the Ministry's offices. Much old copper and everything in English).

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