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Friday, August 16, 2013

The pain of irrelevance

Reading Arab and world papers, it stands out the lack of interst in what is going on in Egypt, the Mediterranean and the Arab world's most populous country. Egypt produces little, exports nothing, import nothing, it is little more than a basket case a-la-Bangla Desh. Europe is not looking, America want to cut all aid, Turkey retired its Ambassador, Israel keeps radio-silence on everything over the border. Egypt is not sinking to the Third World because already is there, but it is increasingly impotent and irrelevant. Egyptian intellectuals feel this and they are hurt by their utter insignificance. Therefore they have built themselves a phantasy world where America is intensively involved in plotting day and night in Egypt, being vitally interested in them. Arab editorials are increasingly divorced from reality, because they cannot bear the fact that no one cares.


  1. Anonymous4:38 AM

    The world, actually, is very concerned this stuff will spill outside the borders of Egypt. Obama is proven now as a fool who actually induced this situation, and Hillary likewise as out of touch and responsible for the Benghazi fiasco and for lying about it.

    The main goal of the civilized world is to contain this, but it will not be possible. We have no faith the Western leadership knows how to deal with Islamic fundamentalism; Obama and Cameron act like Neville Chamberlain while the US military tries to kill and destroy the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The West is going through the (ultimately futile) phase of trying to make nice with the MB, trying to integrate it peacefully into the world system and get it to abandon the armed struggle (just like they did with the ANC). The West is signaling it will sacrifice a lot, including abandoning the white working class to a slow fuse genocide, just like they abandoned Rhodesia and South African whites.

    The approach will not work with the MB. There is nothing that will satiate them; they have no off-switch. The Western leadership does not understand this.

    But they will.



  2. Yes, all this fire and boiling could make the soup spill out. Activate Kruger.

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    All this could have been prevented with one bullet.

    Mossad, why didn't you kill Khomeini in Paris?


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