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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ariel Journal

Febrile land-levelling and sewage pipe laying in Ariel. Suddenly the town is so full of activity that the Palestinian Abed's Market has rised its prices and the only thing still worth buying there is non kosher frozen meat, Australian lamb, but we dont. I should repress myself & stop noticing the giggling blondes in short pants in the School of Communications. The woman in the pic looks like my Mother z"l. She and her sisters were blue-eyed blondes with long faces. 36 Celsius in Ariel.


  1. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Those blondes must be of the peroxide variety. We Jews don't produce many blondes who retain the trait to adulthood.

  2. You are trying to imply that NO ASHKENAZI FAMILIES have yellow hair when adult, ergo my maternal ancestors could not be blond. You are wrong but I am not going to discuss it with you.

  3. Anonymous9:24 PM

    I wrote "not many" not "no." I was blond as a child thought not as an adult, and I have a few blonds/blondes among my ancestors. However, they were distinctly in the minority. Assemble at random a large group of Ashkenazi adults anywhere, and natural blonds/blondes will be a small minority. We're not of Northern European genetic stock.

  4. No, we are a refined European/Middle Eastern population.

  5. Anonymous1:36 AM

    She seems to have dark eyebrows; ergo, probably a peroxide blonde.

    She does have other attributes, however.


  6. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Looks like a wig. Still cute.

  7. Eyebrows and moustaches and so are always darker than the hair on top of the head. Yet it is probable she is not natural. Someone doubted that Marylin Monroe was a natural blonde, she said yes, I am a natural blonde. Yes but I saw you .... No one, she answered, is SO blonde.

  8. Anonymous5:23 AM

    My hair is dark brown but my mustache is a much lighter reddish brown (or it was before it became gray), so go figure.


  9. Anonymous5:50 AM

    The person in the photo is the Polish photographer Aneta Grzeszykowska, wearing a wig.

    Here is the very brunette Ms. G without a wig:

    Ms. G was copying a series of black & white self portraits by famous American photographer Cindy Sherman (also in a blonde wig)

    Specifically , this is "Untitled Film Still #3"

    Sherman, BTW is not Jewish even though Sherman is a common Jewish name.


  10. Grzeszykowska... Grze... How do you pronounce that?

  11. Anonymous11:50 AM

    dzhe shik kov ska


    grz is like the x in luxury



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