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Friday, June 13, 2014

Solving Demographic Problems

The "Social Media" reporting (Source) on the Mosul population fleeing in panic illustrates and reminds us that large population movements are not only feasible but quite easy to carry out.  I am sure that millions are watching the fall of Mosul and the panicked flight of the civilian population, but are they extracting executive conclusions from it? I hope those out there on the djablot (hills) of Yehuda, this Shabbath evening (while a desperate manhunt is under way) do learn something.

Lesson Number One: Never Despair! Look at that city on the hill, where Abraham laid Sarah to rest. This night it is still full but tomorrow may be empty. How?  Learn from the enemy: ISIS in Mosul, a city of two million.

(1) A handful of fellows rised a black flag and started  policing "infidels". Who is a sinner, an infidel? Everybody was suspect, creating a vague, ominous shade of anxiety.

(2) They posted sanguinary pics of beheadings, shootings, corpses on the street, etc. I dont know if those psychowar messages were staged to create impression, or they were real. There have been no mass executions but the frightening possibility has been planted  in the minds of the Mosul-men, designated refugees.

(3) They dressed up in theatrical bad-man uniforms, black with face hidden by towels, with many fake explosives (no one walks with a suicide belt 24 hs a day) and holding ScFic movie weapons. Not regular land fighting firearms but exotic looking rocket propelled toys and impossibly heavy looking machine guns. Movie props only used by Kruger in the movie Elysium. To inspire fear, not to fight.

(4) And fear they generated, and when it had matured into quasi-panic, they mock-attacked with noise and smoke. A wide and well asphalted escape route was left carefully untended, making the walk to a nearby "safe heaven" secure and psychologically irresistible. The bridge over the Tigris to the Kurdish-held part of the city was free of menaces; may be even free transport was arranged to facilitate the flight.

(5)  When everything works as planned, no actual blood has to be shed. The mass flight of Arab populations is a constant, recurring phenomenon. It happened to the amazed fighters of the Haganah in 1948 (when entered the empty streets of Haifa), recently to most of Syria (2 million refugees) and now Mosul, Iraq.

I wonder if some young fellow under Hebron has noticed these things. I know I am not the only learning engineer in the land, only - by far - the oldest one.

Shabat Shalom.


  1. What's going on in Yehuda and the Shomrom this sabbath?

    btw what is Yehuda and Shomrom in standard non-israeli vocabulary?

  2. Hmm interesting plan.

  3. I can feel the jewing intensify in the djablots, oh my.

  4. Inthese very moments there is an intense manhunt in Samaria and Yehuda, as three imbecile yeshive bochers disappeared. They were last seen hitchhiking.

  5. That's not a manhunt, that's more a rescure party. lol.

    I thought somebody had created some kind of gnarly carnage or something. Also what's up with the comical elders of zion plans man, that's some fucked-up dark shit.

  6. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Git shabbos, Reb Chaim.


  7. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Zionists won't be allowed to ethnically cleanse Palestinians, because the Palis have the backing of the USA and EU. And don't you think liberal American Jews will scream the loudest?

    This mass evacuation of Mosul is only possible because the aggressors have Muslim privilege. In fact, look for many of these refugees to show up in America. And among the refugees will be the people who started the trouble.

    America doesn't care. Victims, terrorists, it's all good. At least we get more kebab restaurants and cab drivers.

  8. Kebabs are delicious.

  9. "Won't be allowed..."

    Magical thinking. As if the world was a classroom where you have to ask the teacher's permission to go to the toilet.

    Wake up. There is no teacher in the class. You dont need the permission of anybody. You are free. Go and piss on their heads.


  11. Anonymous10:22 AM

    If Israel doesn't need permission, why have all those little cleanup operations in Gaza been stopped? Because America told them to stop.

  12. I can feel the Jewing intensify.

  13. Why Gaza...?

    It seems to me that the Gaza government has stopped attacking Israel and is actively persecuting the splinter terrorists that still try to attack.

    That is OK with us.

  14. And we do take into account American desires, very much so, we want to be 100% in line with American policy. Which is not always easy, because America wobbles like a yo-yo on a rubber string.

  15. America is on its way out. When the cat's away, the mice will play.

    I repeat-all these people (or the survivors) will be begging for adult leadership in a few years. Like in Russia: The Chud, the Slovenes, the Krivichi and the Ves said "Our land is vast and abundant, but there is no order in it. Come and reign as princes and have authority over us!"

  16. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Come and reign as princes and have authority over us!"....

    Hmmm, this sound like the version of history written by the victors/princes. Did they really say that?


  17. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Now that I think about it, it sound like a line from a Stalin era costume drama movie, where the strong Czar is meant to symbolize Stalin himself. Come and reign over us, Comrade Stalin, we beg you!

  18. They may have reached a point when a moderate ruler and its peace are welcome. People need and accept leaderhip.

  19. Come and reign over us oh, princes!!

    .........Said Israel, when America was no longer around to protect it and do its bidding.

    Oh, great princes!!

    And the great khan, bestrode the world, looked at them,

    and said

    Of course, my silly little jewish children. But first...

  20. And yet that is what the Primary Chronicle says they said. If you have a better source than the Primary Chronicle, I'd love to see it.

    Spageti-which Great Khan? Are you referring to Emomali Rakhmanov? Or Nazarbayev? Or perhaps Erdogan? Since somebody has to rule, wouldn't you rather it be a Jew with two brain cells to rub together than any of those gentlemen?

    Notice how in the Ukraine, though the majority of Jews were killed in the Shoah and the majority of the remainder left in the 90s, almost everyone in power is part Jewish or completely so. Why do you think that is?

  21. Whoever will be the "great khan" 50 or say 100 years from now.

  22. The jews hardly have a monopoly on brain cells, although they like to think they do, and they're like what... 0.14% of the world's population.

    Get real.

  23. And some tiny percentage of the population of the Ukraine. Yet, look at their leadership.

    Don't be so sensitive.

  24. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Poroshenko insists that he isn't Jewish, that the issue of Jewish ancestry is a vicious rumor spread by the Far Right to damage him.

    Spageti is right that Jews don't have a monopoly on brain power. Most of the greatest minds in Western science - Galileo, Newton, Leibniz, Euler - have not been Jewish. The modern world we live in is built on the practical work of mostly gentile inventors and engineers. The Jewish contribution isn't negligible, but it's not overwhelming as it is in theoretical physics.

  25. Aside from the practical work, you also need a raison d'etre. To the extent that the modern world had one, it came from us. To the extent that it didn't, it was Hellenism, into which the modern world is sinking.

  26. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Somehow, higher civilization managed to survive the Hellenistic period into the early Roman Empire without the majority of the population being guided either by Judaism or its daughter religion Christianity. I think you are overestimating the importance of Abrahamic religion in providing a raison d'etre.

  27. The Hellenistic states collapsed the second they got wealthy and were turned into a Roman theme park after the Macedonian disaster. The Romans decided of their own accord that gladiator games, chariot races and boy-love were the finest things in life, with the result that they were replaced first by their own freemen and then by barbarians.


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